Twitter Is Extremely Confused By This Avocado Toast-Flavored Chocolate Bar

The worldwide avocado craze has been going strong for awhile now (that's right, it's not done with us quite yet). We've seen the buttery, green fan-favorite as an ingredient in salads, blended into smoothies, tossed with hot pasta, on sale as a specialty ice cream flavor, and of course (classically) on toast. Millennials get ragged on a lot for the avocado takeover, but hey, there are worse foods that we could be obsessed with. Avocados are super nutritious: they're rich in potassium and fiber, can help lower cholesterol, and have lots of healthy fats. The unique fruit's mild, easy-to-love taste and rich texture have made them a versatile option in the culinary world. Now, Los Angeles-based sweet shop Compartés Chocolatier wants to take them to the next level with their brand new, limited edition avocado toast chocolate bar. But, tragically, the good people of Twitter really don't know what to make of it.

First thing's first: how does an avo-on-toast chocolate bar actually work? I'm glad you asked. Compartés is known for their unique, handcrafted artisan chocolates, like the Scones and Jam milk chocolate bar (smooth chocolate mixed with sweet scones and homemade raspberry jam), the Cereal Milk white chocolate bar (Lucky Charms-like cereal encased in rich white chocolate), and the Rosé chocolate bar (no explanation needed). The avocado toast bar is no different: made with a delicious white chocolate base, it's blended with California avocados and includes caramelized pieces of toast throughout for a little bit of crunch. Compartés describes their sweet take on avocados, the "most trendy food of 2018," as a "unique chocolate sensation unlike anything you've ever tried before." Sound delicious? Definitely, but Twitter is extremely confused about it.

I know we all strive to live by the maxim, "Don't knock it till you try it," but in this case, Twitter is going full speed ahead vis a vis knocking it. Following a story about the confection by Food Insider, the concept went a smidge viral — with people all over giving their opinion. "i stan for Avocado but lets not get carried away now," one Twitter user wrote, encapsulating the feelings of many on this topic. "I regret to inform you the millennials are at it again," wrote another. And another user said, simply, "I'm calling the police."

But, honestly, it's like when everyone and their mother started ragging on millennials for cherishing avocado toast as if it were a food group unto itself. It's tasty, and also, who cares? Let the millennials enjoy their trendy food mashups while the earth is still habitable, you know?

If you're itching to try this treat or want to buy one as a gift for an avocado-obsessed friend, Compartés has two physical locations in Los Angeles. Not in Southern California? Don't worry, they offer worldwide delivery. Avocado toast-flavored chocolate for everyone!

This isn't the first time Compartés Chocolatier has debuted a fruit or veggie-themed treat. In fact, they seem to have the whole thing down to a science. Not only do they have other fruity chocolates, like the Spring Awakening Mixed Berry dark chocolate bar (with dried strawberries, blueberries, and raspberries in every bite) a Strawberry Champagne bar, and chocolate-dipped oranges and pineapples, they're also known for their Healthy Kale Dark Chocolate bar, which is a vegan treat. This one, like the avocado toast bar, puts a spin on ingredients that are usually found in savory dishes. It includes a "crunchy, salty combination" of homemade kale crisps, pumpkin seeds, and sesame seeds. Even if you're a strong believer that vegetables should remain very, very far away from desserts, you have to applaud Compartés for their inventiveness — they've gone way past cookies 'n' creme, after all.

With the introduction of another out-of-the-box avocado themed treat in 2018, does that mean the craze is here to stay? I feel like even after the trendiness and out-there recipes start to die down, avocados aren't going anywhere. They're like the plain white tee of the food world — you can dress it up or down and layer on as many accessories as you like, but at the end of the day it will keep on being what's it's always been: a staple. With that being said, go shamelessly enjoy the limited edition avocado toast chocolate bar while its still on shelves — trends may be temporary, but avocados are forever.