Juelia Is Dating This 'BiP' Star's Brother & It's The Cutest Thing Ever

Rick Rowell/ABC

The beginning of Nick Viall's Bachelor season centered around him hooking up with Liz Sandoz at Jade Roper and Tanner Tolbert's wedding. And now, it another Bachelor relationship has formed at the latest Bachelor in Paradise wedding. Juelia Kinney is dating Evan Bass' brother, Aaron, after they met at Evan and Carly Waddell's wedding.

Unfortunately, fans won't get to see this play out on TV like the Liz and Nick situation, but Juelia has shared some cute pics to confirm she's seeing Aaron on her Instagram page. Even though Juelia didn't find lasting love from her appearances on Chris Soules' Bachelor season and Bachelor in Paradise Season 2, she can credit Bachelor Nation for this love connection, and it's a great thing.

Even though Juelia did post two photos with Aaron on Instagram, he still remains a bit of a mystery. His Instagram account is private (as of now), and he isn't tagged in any photos on Carly or Evan's pages. Furthermore, the only confirmation that Aaron is Evan's brother — instead of a cousin or other relative — comes from a scroll through Juelia's Instagram comments. A fan asked her, "Is this Evan's brother?" and Juelia confirmed, "It is" with a heart emoji, of course.

Juelia confirmed that she an Aaron met at the wedding, in which she was a bridesmaid and he was a groomsman, in an Instagram post with a photo from that night. She shared, "In true Bachelor fashion I met this amazing human, we call it Bachelor Nation but it's so true.. you never know if it will be on the Bachelor, BIP or at a wedding maybe.. all I can say is this night was magical for so many reasons." She also included the hashtags "#keepingitinthefamily #soundscreepyifitwasntbachelor #bachelornation."

Even though Carly and Evan just married in June, it seems like things between Juelia and Aaron are moving pretty quickly since she shared, "he knows how to order my sushi" in an Instagram caption.

Maybe Juelia could be the next BiP alum to walk down the aisle. And she didn't even need to endure any rose ceremonies to find a man associated with Bachelor Nation.