This 'Bachelor In Paradise' Couple Reportedly Just Got Engaged

by Rachel Poletick
ABC/Paul Hebert

Taylor and Derek 'shippers, your wish has been granted. Bachelor in Paradise's Derek Peth and Taylor Nolan reportedly got engaged during the after show that taped on Wednesday, according to Us Weekly. (Bustle has reached out to Nolan and ABC for comment, but did not receive an immediate response.) According to Us Weekly's unnamed source, no one knew that Derek was going to propose during the taping, so apparently it came as a big surprise when he reportedly wowed Taylor and the audience with a Neil Lane diamond engagement ring. But really, no one knew, huh? Fans probably could've called this one.

Taylor and Derek had their first on-camera conflict during Monday night's episode, when Derek said, "F*ck you" to Taylor in the midst of an argument. This was emotionally triggering for Taylor, who opened up about struggling with verbal abusive in past relationships. Derek later apologized for his choice of words, and they reconciled before the rose ceremony that evening.

The two have otherwise been the steadiest couple on the this season of the reality series since night one. Derek and Taylor got together before BiP production was shut down in June due to allegations of misconduct on the set in Sayulita, Mexico. (An investigation concluded there was no wrongdoing on set.) Once they reunited at the resort a few weeks later, Taylor and Derek became arguably the strongest couple in Paradise.

ABC/Paul Hebert

This was largely in part to the two getting to know each other off camera. Derek revealed in an interview on The Ben & Ashley I Almost Famous Podcast how he and Taylor maintained their relationship during the time in between taping through phone calls. He said,

"There were 10, 12 days worth of us basically on the phone, on FaceTime for like five, six hours when everyone else went home. So we were already planning for Taylor to actually come and visit me. [Laughs] That little spoiler, I probably shouldn't have said that."

Apparently, he and Taylor had already booked the tickets for her to visit him in his hometown when they found out the show was resuming production. Derek said,

"We thought the show was done. We thought there was absolutely no way it was coming back, so in the shutdown I got her a plane ticket to come and actually see me in Iowa and we were like, 'Well, maybe we'll try this thing, right?' So, that's about the stage that we were at when you saw the episode resume."

With an engagement to celebrate, it would be no surprise if another trip to Iowa is in the works. The only question that remains is why Derek proposed during the series after show when proposals usually take place in Paradise before shooting wraps and the cast goes home. Will there be an unexpected breakup and reunion at the end of the series? Bachelor fans are used to cliffhangers, so they will have to wait to find out.