'Bachelor' Alum Lesley Murphy's Instagram Post About Her New Boyfriend Is Everything

Charley Gallay/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you're still a little bummed that Lesley Murphy and Dean Unglert didn't quite work out after Bachelor Winter Games, don't be. It seems like she's found love again, and she shared the news with her fans in the most adorable way possible. Earlier this week, Lesley shared about her new boyfriend on Instagram for the first time, and not only did she post a photo of the two of them together, but it also came with a caption that any Bachelor fan will probably chuckle at.

In the photo, Lesley and her new BF, whose name is Alex Kav, are sitting on rocks in Tromse, Norway, with gorgeous scenery behind them, looking into each other's eyes. And according to her caption, they've been doing a lot of traveling together.

Lesley wrote:

"Boy meets world. World, meet boy. Thought it was about time to let y’all in on the newest addition to The Road Les Traveled! We’re 3 continents down together...with the next one being Alex’s home country soon. Finally making it to hometowns y’all :)"

When Lesley mentioned Alex's home country, she included an emoji of the flag of Australia, so it sounds like their next stop is the land down under, which is definitely exciting. And best of all: Lesley looks so happy.

After watching Lesley on The Bachelor and Bachelor Winter Games, it's awesome to see her so happy... and, as she put it, finally making it to a hometown date. It seems like she's finally found what she's been looking for — and that she waited for the right time to share the good news with the world. While talking to Us Weekly last year, Lesley admitted she was dating someone, saying that she didn't want to give away too much too soon. She told the magazine last November:

"I am dating. I am dating somebody and I think that I would love to talk more about that when the timing is right. … I really started telling my followers about love from the beginning, right? That was five years go when I first went on The Bachelor. So I’ve done that every step of the way so far and so I can’t wait to keep them in the loop when the timing is right. And yes, I am dating somebody. It’s only been a few months, so it’s in the beginning stages. … I would love to share that, more of that, and more of him, when the timing’s right.”

So far, it seems like this is Alex's only appearance on Lesley's Instagram, but maybe now that she's taken their relationship public, fans will be seeing a lot more of him. According to his Instagram, he's a drone pilot who does a lot of traveling, and knowing how passionate Lesley is about seeing the world, it sounds like they're a perfect fit.

Plus, they've already been in a hot air balloon together, which is practically a requirement for being a Bachelor contestant. Seems like he's ready for Lesley's world.

Hopefully, Lesley will share more details about Alex and their love story soon. And maybe, when the time is right, photos from their hometown date?