'Famous In Love' Had A 'Bachelor' Crossover

Vu Ong/Freeform

Now that Freeform has shed its kiddie ABC Family name and grown into the full-fledged, adult version of itself, I’m enjoying the network a lot more. The shows are getting racier (Pretty Little Liars certainly started that phase), and the movies are always good — a mix of Disney and romantic comedies that I can’t turn off. Famous In Love is one of these shows, and, not to sound like Stefan from Saturday Night Live, but it has everything — beautiful people, Hollywood, intrigue, sex, lies, and macroeconomics (Bella Thorne’s character is still in college). It’s great! A former Bachelor couple thinks it’s pretty great, too, as they got a cameo on the show. Bachelor stars Ben Higgins and Lauren Bushnell are on Famous In Love because they, too, are famous in love.

The Bachelor airs on ABC, and Disney owns both ABC and Freeform, so it wasn’t a surprise when it was announced that Ben and Lauren would have their own spin-off on Freeform (it aired last fall). They have that Bachelor carryover audience. It’s kind of a no-brainer. And, because Ben and Lauren are already well-versed in Freeform television, I’m sure it was easy for them to get their little cameos on Famous In Love. In their little, teeny snippet of a scene, which takes place in Episode 7, Ben and Lauren are wandering around the Locked lot (that’s the movie that Bella Thorne’s character Paige has finally landed her big break on) because they are such huge fans of the Locked book series and want to meet some of the cast. Well, Ben and Lauren, ask and ye shall receive.


I would definitely welcome some more Bachelor/Famous In Love crossover opportunities. There are so many contestants to choose from.

Ashley Iaconetti

Ashley I. is the queen of eyelashes and crying on camera, which you wouldn’t think would go together (but they do!). Ashley could be on Famous In Love as a consultant on how to cry at the drop of a hat, just in case Paige needs some help during her sad Locked scenes.

Corinne Olympios

Team Corn all the way! If the actresses on Locked think they’re the queen bees, they’ve never met Corinne’s character, the new executive producer on Locked and a business woman in her own right.

Chad Johnson

Chad “The Chad” Johnson’s ultimate role on Famous In Love would be the screaming personal trainer that the studio hires to make the guys in Locked bulk up for their respective roles. The training would involve yelling, making fun of short people (poor Alex W), and eating deli meat.

Two words: Crossover. Appeal.