'Bachelor' Stars Can Send Personalized Videos To Your Friends & Here's How Much It Costs

Craig Sjodin/ABC

Taking a break from a less-than-perfect day to look at a funny picture or video sent to you from your best friend has to be one of the best feelings ever. But the only thing that would probably be even better than that is getting sent a personalized video from one of your favorite Bachelor stars — and, luckily for any die hard Bach Nation fans out there, you can make that happen for a pretty reasonable price thanks to Cameo.

Cameo — not to be confused with the other app named Cameo that's mostly used for video editing purposes — is an app available to iPhone users that allows you to request videos and personalized shoutouts from some of your favorite stars and social media influencers. And, speaking of influencers, the app happens to be frequented by a few fan favorites from Bachelor Nation. After requesting to join the website, you can head over to your fave Bachelor alums' booking pages to request for them to make videos for you or your friends no matter what the occasion. And before you write the idea off completely because you're afraid of what the cost might be, you should know that the (very cheap) rates of each video you request are set by the former contestants themselves. Here's what it'll cost you to get a personalized Cameo made by each star.

Bekah M., $20

whats_ur_sign on Instagram

A fan favorite from the most recent season of The Bachelor, Bekah is new to Cameo — she just joined last month — and she's already pretty popular and even has a five-star rating. If you're interested, she'll send you or your friend a personalized video for just $20.

Jasmine Goode, $20

jasminegoode_ on Instagram

Jasmine appeared on Nick Viall's season of The Bachelor last year before heading over to paradise for BiP Season 4 last summer. Now you can get her to make a cameo video for yourself or a friend at $20 a pop.

Diggy Moreland, $10

diggymoreland on Instagram

If his tweets aren't enough to lighten your mood even just a little, Diggy's hilarious, personalized Cameo shoutouts will most definitely put a smile on your face.

Robby Hayes, $50

roberthunter89 on Instagram

Robby's Cameo price is a little higher — sitting at $50 — but it also looks like he's been on the app longer than the other Bachelor alums. He joined the app in April of last year, so by now he's probably a pro at this whole video-making thing.

Whitney Fransway, $20

whitneyfransway on Instagram

It doesn't look like the Bachelor Season 21 alum has made too many videos for her fans since joining the app last year, but you can still book her for $20.

Jef Holm, $10

jefholm on Instagram

Jef is new to the app — like really new. He just joined this weekend and it doesn't look like he's made any videos yet. Of course, you can be the one to change that by requesting one for yourself at just $10.

Chase McNary, $10

chase_brody_mcnary on Instagram

The personal trainer and former Bachelorette contestant has been active on the app since September, and he charges just $10 per video.

Eric Bigger, $30

ericbigger on Instagram

The former Bachelorette Season 13 contestant and motivational speaker is just the person you need if you're in need of a mood booster.

The more you know. In the event that you have a friend with a birthday coming up or if you know someone who needs cheering up, sending them a Cameo is a fun, quick, and easy gesture that's perfect for any occasion.