Breaking 'Bachelor' News: Corinne & Ashley I. Met

by Marenah Dobin
Joe Scarnici/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

It's hard to think of two people in the Bachelor franchise who are more prolific than Ashley Iaconetti and Corinne Olympios. Neither of them were the lead of their seasons, but they stole every single scene and should have been getting paid star salaries. Now, all my dreams have come true since Corinne and Ashley I. just met. I only wish I was there to listen to their conversation.

I could not have been happier scrolling through Instagram than I was when I saw Corinne's photo of the two icons together. Not only did they both look amazing (as per usual), but I just couldn't help obsessing over the encounter.

These two are both known for speaking their minds, so I know they had a lot to say and I'm positive that it was interesting. Did they share their real opinions about Nick Viall handing out his final rose to Vanessa Grimaldi at the end? Did Ashley give Corinne tips on which waterproof makeup products to buy for Bachelor in Paradise this summer? And that's just Bachelor-related stuff. The possibilities are really endless.

I know that a lot of the Bachelor romances don't work out, but the franchise has produced some enviable best friendships. I am aware that I'm getting ahead of myself here, but I would really love it if these two ended up becoming good friends beyond this Instagram post. They are both quotable, loyal, stylish, and unabashed — they're a great match.

Corinne even captioned the photo with "new favorite human alert," which sounds like the start to a best friendship to me.

I'm all about this situation even though I know zero specific bits of information. All I know is that I (and the rest of the fandom) would love it for Cashley to become a thing. Since none of us know what they discussed before and after the Instagram, I need Corinne to make an appearance on Ashley's I Don't Get It Podcast so I can just pretend that the three of us are all friends having a conversation together.