Peep Christian's Instagram To Get To Know This 'Bachelor Winter Games' Star So Much Better


While he may be a fresh face to Bachelor audiences, Christian Rauch of Bachelor Winter Games has actually been on two different seasons of The Bachelorette in two different countries before coming to America. This alumnus of Die Bachelorette (The Bachelorette) in Germany as well as Die Bachelorette in Switzerland — the latter of which he actually won — has plenty of experience when it comes to succeeding on Bachelor type shows. But, American fans are likely curious as to what Christian will bring to the table over here. If Bachelor Winter Games star Christian's Instagram is any indication, he's a free and adventurous spirit that could be looking for someone to join him on his travels.

The most immediately obvious thing about his Instagram feed is that he doesn't stay in one spot for too long. He seems to always be jumping around from country to country, spotting ideal photo opportunity after ideal photo opportunity. Christian will be looking for love in the cold air of the Winter Games, but his Instagram hints that he usually prefers warmer climates like LA and Miami. It has yet to be seen if Christian will freeze up under the pressure of Winter Games or if he'll warm up to the competition — but if he may end up finding someone to traverse the world with him. After all, third time's the charm.

He's Been All Over The World

In 2017, Christian managed to find time to visit Italy, Thailand, Singapore, Cuba, and both coasts of the United States. He also made time to go to Berlin, but that's not as much of a stretch for the German native. It's clear that Christian loves traveling — even if he's travelling alone and occasionally looking off into the distance with a lovelorn look. Could one of the women of Bachelor Winter Games be by his side in future vacation pictures?

He's Got A Sense Of Humor

Don't be tricked by his European mystique — Christian is likely just as goofy as everyone else who he'll be staying with during the Bachelor Winter Games.

He's A Successful Model

If you've been to Germany in the past year, you may have already seen Christian. He's been featured in a number of advertising campaigns including glasses, tunnels, and apparently heating pads. While many Bachelorette contestants have model-good looks, Christian puts his looks to work.

He Likes A Good Onesie

Christian may not seem like the type of person to don a Pokémon onesie, but his Instagram is ready to prove any non-believers wrong. He also sports a purple dragon onesie, but if we're being honest, the Pikachu onesie is the clear winner here.

He Was An Adorable Child

It seems Christian was always destined for the camera, as this Christmas photo shows that he was photogenic long before he appeared on Die Bachelorette.

He's Ripped

Not all personal trainers are ripped. Likewise, not everyone who is ripped is a personal trainer. However, Christian is both ripped and is a personal trainer.

He Enjoys American Movies

Just because Christian may not be American, but he certainly seems to be a fan of American culture. He snapped a pic of him enjoying National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation in a nice home theater setup during the holiday season.

He's A Fan Of The Water

Whether he's on the beach, on a boat. or with his boys, Rauch is a big fan of the water.

He's Down To Spend Time With A Dog

It's not required to be friendly with dogs if you're going to be on the Bachelor franchise, but it's certainly helpful. Christian already seems accustomed to chilling with a dog in the daylight, which makes him a valuable asset to any possible dog-loving partners.

Christian may be a mystery to some of the other contestants on Bachelor Winter Games. While the show will be mostly populated by North American members of Bachelor Nation, they'll quickly discover that Christian isn't that different from the rest of them — male modeling posts and all.