Bagel Day Memes That Prove There's Nothing This Delicious Food Can't Fix

Eggs, pancakes, toast, and cereal... they're all viable breakfast options, but not on Feb. 9. As these Bagel Day memes for National Bagel Day make clear, you should be starting today with none other than a freshly baked, crisply toasted bagel that's oozing with cream cheese. Aren't you drooling just thinking about it?

Bagels are amazing for a lot of reasons. Firstly, and most obviously, they're delicious. They give you that carb fix you need in the morning. Secondly, they're customizable. Whether you want something sweet (how does a cinnamon raisin bagel with some honey walnut cream cheese sound?) or something savory (everything bagel with cheddar artichoke cream cheese?), the bagel has got you covered. Thirdly, bagels are perfect for eating on the go. Grab it and eat it while you're on your morning commute without a problem.

If you don't have a favorite bagel shop in your neighborhood, today's the day to find one. If you do, well, you know what to do. Head to that bagel shop and place your favorite order. Heck, why not get a whole dozen? Your coworkers will love you for it. Have the happiest of bagel days today, you guys... and go heavy on the schmear.

I'd say that's a pretty good place to start.

So many wasted crumbs!

Straight up.

This is basically what happens in my dreams.

The one way Oprah could get everyone to love her.

The only thing better than a bagel... is a bagel dog.

Is it even possible to put too much cream cheese on a bagel?

My face when picking out my bagel at the local bagel shop.

Does anybody ever only eat a half?

How 'bout that cream cheese?

Don't ask. Just order.