Photos Of Baltimore's Confederate Statues Being Towed Away Symbolize An Important Turning Point

Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images News/Getty Images

The campaign to remove Confederate statues in Charlottesville may be delayed thanks to the white supremacist violence over the weekend. But one neighbor to the north didn't wast any time in taking down its own shrines to the military generals who fought for the South. Baltimore removed its Robert Lee and Thomas Jackson statues in the early hours of Wednesday, and there are photos to prove it.

On Monday the city council voted unanimously to remove the city's four Confederate statues. In addition to the statues of army generals Lee and Jackson, the city had three more. One of the others was also taken down Wednesday, that of Roger B. Taney, the U.S. Supreme Court justice who wrote Dred Scott v. Sandford, which basically said it was okay to treat African Americans unequally given the prejudice at the time the Constitution was written. The two other monuments are for Confederate soldiers and sailors, and Confederate women.

What exactly will happen to the statues remained a point of contention on Monday night. Some on the council were for melting them down, given their role in supporting slavery. "We should melt them down and use them to erect statues of true heroes of Baltimore," Councilman Brandon Scott said. Others were pushing that they be moved to museums or Confederate cemeteries.

Whatever their ultimate fate may be, Lee and Jackson were very visibly taken down, with residents there to cheer on the process.

1) Cranes Took Them From Their Perches

The metal statues would have been too heavy to lift.

2) You Can See The Straps They Used

The two generals, seated on horses were lifted up together.

3) There Are Shots Of Them In The Air

This is when the crane is moving them onto the flatbed of the truck.

4) The Statues Were Taken Away On Trucks

Their ultimate destination is unclear.

5) People Applauded Their Removal

There was excitement amongst the crowd.

6) Others Were Struck By Their Lifelike Appearance

At night you can see what they're talking about.

7) Their Visibility In The City Is Put To Bed

Police officers were present as the statues were trucked away.

8) It's About Time They Go

9) More Confederate Monuments Were Set To Go Wednesday Too

It didn't end with Lee and Jackson

10) Some Of Them Were Seen Strapped In Too

11) Baltimore Residents Took The Statues' Place

They're taking back the space from the Confederate symbolism. And it might not just end at statues. One of the council members brought up other things in Baltimore that are named after historical figures with problematic views.

Are we prepared to go beyond these statues?” Councilman Leon Pinkett asked at Monday's meeting. “I’m just saying if we’re going to do this, we need to be prepared to go all the way.” This was the first step.