Banana Republic's New Fragrances Are Must-Get

Courtesy of Banana Republic

Gender fluidity in the beauty realm isn't a concept relegated to the fringe or alternative retailers. Mall chain Banana Republic is launching five unisex scents with its Banana Republic Icon Collection, which celebrates the American sportswear brand's history. This feels like such a win to me, since it shows us how fluidity's reach extends to mainstream malls and the mall reflects the cultural conversation and continues making unisex auras accessible.

The idea of unisex, mall-available scents is hardly new, especially for this brand. BR's Classic fragrance is one of my longtime faves, because it smells like sitting on the deck of a beach house in August after a late afternoon shower. I've used it for years and have shared it with several BFs, as it smelled so clean and so good on all parties, because fragrance has no gender.

According to the press materials received by Bustle, the Banana Republic Icon Collection drops on Thursday, May 4 at all BR outposts. The scents are offered in a variety of configurations, including $48 bottles and $24 sprays. There's even something dubbed a "Discovery Set," which is $38 five-pack that samples each scent.

Here's a rundown of what these fragrances smell like. They even have numbers in their name to indicate the period from which they borrow inspo.

Courtesy of Banana Republic

Shop BR78: Vintage Green in Stores Only at Banana Republic

There's BR78: Vintage Green, which is woodsy and leafy with notes of bergamot, mandarin, magnolia, cedarwood, and vetiver. It's meant to remind you of travel and 1978, the year Banana Republic was born.

Courtesy of Banana Republic

Shop BR83: Leather Reserve in Stores Only at Banana Republic

So, BR83: Leather Reserve will transport you to 1983 with its notes of cypress, lemon zest, tonka bean, suede, and amber. Mmm! I am so ready to inhale.

Courtesy of Banana Republic

Shop BR90: Pure White in Stores Only at Banana Republic

BR90: Pure White is clean and crisp, and comprised of green tea, grapefruit, jasmine, and lavender notes. This sounds like the "Classic" scent to me.

Courtesy of Banana Republic

Shop BR06: Black Platinum in Stores Only at Banana Republic

BR06: Black Platinum is sleek and urban. It harks back to 2006 with leather, patchouli, orange blossom, cactus pepper, and lemon notes.

Courtesy of Banana Republic

Shop BR17: Oud Mosaic in Stores Only at Banana Republic

Lastly, BR17: Oud Mosaic mixes the east and west with global flair. Its notes include white pepper, cardamom, Turkish rose, and musk.

This collection is a wearable, olfactory wonderland.