B&M Is Selling Slush Puppie Machines So You Can Make Boozy Treats For The Heatwave


Some things just evoke the feeling of summer. The smell of suntan lotion seriously takes me back to hot, lazy afternoons by a pool. Ice pops and cold fruity cider are a must at this time of the year. And if you want to experience some serious nostalgia this summer then a Slush Puppie is about as great as icy summer beverages get. It’s got to be said that mid-summer in the UK doesn’t always call for an iced beverage but as there’s a heatwave on the horizon now really is the moment for sipping on something very frosty. And it's just got easier to get your hands on your favourite childhood treat, because B&M are selling Slush Puppie Machines and here’s how you can bag your own.

When it’s super hot outside you don’t always feel like traipsing down to the shops for a cold refreshment and B&M have made it so you don’t have to. The super affordable variety retailer has revealed that it’s selling Slush Puppie Slushie Machines this summer. Just looking at the packaging will take you back to childhood and whether you’re hosting a summer party in the garden or just chilling around the house it couldn’t be easier to stay refreshed.

The machine looks super easy to use and is covered in the iconic Slush Puppie branding so you simply can’t miss it. Along with the machine you will get four cups and straws. While slushies may have been a treat when you were growing up the machine is super affordable. You can buy it online or in store at your local B&M for just £35.

Summer 2019 might not be the hottest on record but it looks like fans of the iced beverage are more than ready to have their own personal Slush Puppie Machine. One woman took to Twitter to say, “ooh the damage I could do with this oh sorry I mean fun...pick this NEW Slush Puppie Machine up for £35 @bmstores.”


If a new Slush Puppie Machine sounds like exactly the sort of thing you’ve been craving this summer then you will need to purchase the Slush Puppie syrups which are sold separately. You can find them on Amazon, at Robert Dyas, and, somewhat surprisingly, at Ryman, yes the place you might usually buy stationery. Blue raspberry is the most widely available, followed by red cherry, and you can even find a cola flavour if you're feeling adventurous. Add the syrup to the jug with ice and once you've decided what consistency of slush you'd like, place the jug inside the machine and press start.

Summer in the UK may not be consistently hot but that’s no reason why you can’t invest in this seriously retro treat. At £35 it’s a steal and a pretty easy way to stay cool when the sun comes out. Plus it's sure yo make any BBQ you throw this summer a massive hit. Slushies anytime you want? Sounds like a pretty great way to spend the summer.