Life Is Launching A Bunch Of Self-Care Merch & It’s A Big 2019 Mood

by Mika Doyle
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Your self-care game might be on cuteness overload in 2019, but in the best way possible. Lifestyle brand is launching its Feel Better Collection on Jan. 7 (with the wellness planner launching on Jan. 14), and it’s full of self-care merchandise in the brand’s adorable signature style. From planners to pens to water bottles, the collection is full of items that will help you plan or maintain your overall health and wellbeing. And kept the prices really reasonable, with the core collection at $35 or less.

Even though sells all kinds of clothing, accessories, and tech, the brand may well be best known for its collection of super cute annual planners. That’s why it comes as no surprise that the signature piece of the Feel Better Collection is a 72-page wellness planner ($30) that’s filled with advice from wellness influencers, tools to plan your 2019 health goals, and inspiring artwork, according to a press release. chose the three-ring binder design for its wellness planner with organizing tabs and an elastic band to keep the planner closed. also sells a ton of adorable bags, so another key piece in its new collection is a soft pink gym bag ($35). It's rectangular with two handles, so there's plenty of room for shoes, gym clothes, any other accessories you need for your next workout sesh. And the subtle detailing of the words "take care" behind the mesh on the side of the bag is like a breathy reminder that, darling, you are worth it.

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The water bottle ($20) in the Feel Better Collection is my personal favorite. According to the news release, there are four messages of encouragement at different water levels. At the very top, when you would’ve just started drinking water out of the bottle, it says, “You’ve gotta start somewhere.” The second message says, “You can do it!” The message at the halfway point says, “The bottle is definitely half full.” At a quarter full, it says, “You’re almost there.” At the bottom, it tells you, “You should be so proud.” If you’re trying to drink more water, this water bottle could be the little nudges you need throughout the day.

But the water bottle isn’t the only part of the Feel Better Collection where you’ll find encouragement and affirmations. There are pens and pencils with short affirmations, like “be kind to yourself,” “it doesn’t have to be perfect,” and “let your mind wander.” And the message “Take Care” can be found across the collection as a reminder to love and care for yourself.

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According to the news release,’s latest collection is all about the brand’s commitment to helping its customers be their best selves. As usual, the people at are truly inspired. Not only is the collection cute AF, but its self-care game is truly on point. There are items here for pretty much everyone: people who want to relax, exercise, get organized. You name it; made sure it was in the self-care collection.

With merch as cute as this, it’ll be much easier to start your self-care game off strong in 2019. These items are full of positive affirmations and are ready to help you take on a whole new year.