Barack Obama Wore A Bomber Jacket Embroidered With "44" & It Was The Most Boss Move Ever

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It was a true fashion moment that reminded the general public what a stylish, class act No. 44 is. Former president Barack Obama wore a custom "44" bomber jacket while attending a college basketball game in North Carolina and it was a totally boss move. The number "44" was embroidered in silver on the wrist of the simple, sleek jacket, giving an obvious reference to his status as the 44 President of the United States. The number basically functioned like a monogram — only much cooler.

Obama's black jacket wasn't splashy or flashy. But it made a statement and generated massive amounts of internet chatter and glee. The people have spoken and they absolutely adored the Obama bomber.

Obama donned the jacket while taking in a match between arch rivals Duke and the University of North Carolina. But Twitter was way, way more interested in the courtside fashion action than the actual game.

According to GQ, the jacket was made and embroidered by Rag & Bone. The company apparently sent the jacket to No. 44 towards the end of his second term in office, with brand founder Marcus Wainwright labeling the custom embroidery "a subtle touch" in his interview with the GQ.

Wainwright wasn't even sure if the former Commander in Chief had added the coat to rotation. Wainwright told GQ that he "wasn't expecting him to wear it in public. I thought maybe he's wearing it on the weekends or at home. I was hoping that he was wearing it."

Oh, he's wearing it, alright.

Streeter Lecka/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

While Wainwright expressed the sheer thrill over making a jacket for a man of Obama's stature as "f--king awesome," he was even more stoked about the end result.

"When they look good in it, it's even more gratifying," the designer stated to GQ.

Obama did look damn good in the bomber with the low-key details. The silver "44" matched the zippers and hardware. The coat moved with Obama and he moved with it. By the way, does anyone else have that winning of a smile? Yeah, no…

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The internet was all about the Obama bomber and wasn't shy about expressing its opinion about this well-executed fashion choice.

The coat established itself as instantly iconic and flame-worthy.

The internet had jokes while marveling at the 'Bama bomber.

It was pretty dreamy.

It was truly a fashion power move.

Obama's bomber will give new meaning to the "flex" emoji moving forward.

If you want to copy Obama's style, you can purchase the bomber yourself for a cool $595 — minus the signature "44." The swagger isn't included, though. That, like the embroidery, is completely custom and a detail unique to the man himself.

If you are so inclined, you can get it embroidered with your own personal details.

The traditional military jacket with high visibility orange lining is available in sizes XS to XL. It has a traditional patch zip pocket on the sleeve outfitted with a pen holder, which is the coolest secret.

And just like that, a new sort of fashion icon was born.