Barron Trump Visited The White House For The First Time Since Inauguration

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The Trump administration has made it pretty clear that they do not feel beholden to every single tradition of the first family. One of the ways that the Trumps have departed from the norm of first families past is by deciding not to reside together in the White House full-time, at least for now. While Donald works and lives at the White House during the week, Melania stays with Barron in New York, where he attends school. So it wasn't until this weekend that Barron visited the White House for the first time since his father's inauguration.

The family met at the White House on Friday before flying down to Florida to stay at Mar-a-Lago for the weekend, according to Yahoo. After Trump's electoral victory, he and Melania reportedly decided it would be best to keep Barron, Trump's youngest child, in New York, so the now-11-year-old could finish out the school year in his current fourth-grade classroom at Columbia Grammar and Preparatory School.

The time of the eventual D.C. move was under wraps for a while, but a senior White House adviser confirmed to TMZ over the weekend that Melania and Barron will move into the White House in June after his classes end.

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There had been a lot of debate about if it was right for the Trumps to keep Barron in New York, which could become a high price for security and secret service protection in both the White House and Trump Tower. Now we know that these costs will be relieved once this school year ends.

Trump himself has been spending a lot of his time during the first few months of his presidency in Florida, which according to Press Secretary Sean Spicer is just part of being president. In only eight weeks into his term in the White House so far, Trump has taken five trips to Mar-a-Lago.

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As the Huffington Post notes, Trump claims that he does business meetings at his resort. However, we don't know how much of his time he's actually spending working and how much of it is purely play. It's fine to take a break and relax as the president, but it's curious that he's doing something that he criticized President Barack Obama for doing.

Seeing as how it was Barron's birthday weekend, hopefully his father was able to spend some family time with him during the trip, since they are apart during the week while he's in school in New York.