Barry Is Going To The Future For Answers On 'The Flash'

Jack Rowand/The CW

Barry Allen doesn't really seem to learn from his mistakes. After coming face to face with another baddie from the future in "Abra Kadabra" on The Flash, Barry decided he only had one thing to do: go to the future. When he couldn't get Abra Kadabra, a magic villain from the future, to tell him who Savitar is, Barry concluded that he needed to have the upper hand, and to do that he needed to see the future. So, Barry is going to the future on The Flash, but is time travel really the answer?

One might argue that Barry is only in this mess because he traveled back in time to save his mother and created the Flashpoint timeline. The answer to saving Iris, then, shouldn't be for Barry to do more time travel. This seems logical, right? Not to Barry Allen! There's nothing Barry won't do to save Iris, even if it means risking creating another Flashpoint (or worse, another Savitar). Barry thinks that going to the future and finding out what happens leading up to and directly following Iris' death will help him finally get on equal footing with Savitar. All of Barry's enemies over the years have been able to manipulate him so well because they already know the future. Barry's reasoning is that maybe if he knows the context of the future too, he can finally stop it from happening.

Going to the future might be Barry's last chance to save Iris. Over the past few weeks, every time Team Flash has attempted to change any of the future headlines, they have failed. This week, Abra Kadabra offered to reveal Savitar's identity in exchange for his freedom, but Iris decided she didn't want to let a murderer free. So, Abra Kadabra left without helping Barry or Iris, leaving them just as hopeless as they started. And now with Killer Frost coming, it looks more and more certain that Savitar will kill Iris unless Barry can figure out a way to stop it.

If Barry has to go to the future to save Iris, then all I have to say is this: Run, Barry, run.