Bath & Body Works' Merlot Collection Makes It Wine-O-Clock All Day Long

by Kali Borovic

Every fall, the infamous Pumpkin Spice Latte rolls into town. Well, it's time to ditch that drink and embrace this new, boozey seasonal scent. Bath & Body Works' Wine Collection is here. It's filled with everything you need to make it feel like girls' night all day long. I'm talking candles, lotion, and even hand soap with the sweet red wine smell — minus the morning headache.

Yes, now you can now bask in the glorious scent all day long. You can rub on some Merlot scented hand lotion before happy hour arrives and even have the scent fill your room during the week. If that's not heaven, then I don't know what is.

Items like the brand's You Had Me At Merlot candle and Black Cherry Merlot hand lotion are available right now on the Bath & Body Works website. The items range from just $3.50 to $12.50 for the three-wick candles.

That's a small price to pay to be immersed in your favorite scent all day long.

You Had Me At Merlot Candle, $12, Bath & Body Works

Ready for the best part? If you shop during Labor Day Weekend, you'll get an extra 25 percent off your order. All you have to do is use the code AIRISCRISP at checkout from now until Sept. 4.

The code is good for all of the wine-scented items along with everything else on the Bath & Body Works website. Oh, and you don't have to be 21 or over to order, just to clarify.

Black Cherry Merlot Hand Cream, $4, Bath & Body Works

If all that wasn't already enough, you can also mix and match the items to get and even better deal. Most of the wine collection items are available online for 2 for $10, which means more sweetness in your life for less. That's cheaper than your favorite bottle of wine!

Every single item currently has a five-star rating on the website. If wine-lovers are obsessed with the collection, there's a good chance that you will, too.

Bath & Body Works Black Cherry Merlot Hand Soap, $10, Amazon

Whether you're looking to stock up for yourself or gift these items, you really can't go wrong. From the looks of the website, these items will be available all season long. Bustle reached out to the brand just to make sure.