Bath and Body Works' New Shapeable Soaps Will Make You Nostalgic

Bath and Body Works has a habit of giving its shoppers a major dose of nostalgia now and then, and nothing proves that point more than Bath and Body Works' new Shapeable Soaps. Picking up a bottle will make you feel like a kid again, in more ways than one. First is its vaguely '90s-feeling packaging, where the soap comes in a shaving-cream-style bottle that has a kind of Saved by the Bell vibe. From the neon colors to the pool and summer graphics on the labels, it can instantly make you think of one of your favorite TV shows growing up. And imagine if Kelly Kapowski or Lisa Turtle would own a bottle or two in their own bathrooms.

But the real fun comes with the actual soap itself. Rather than squeezing it out of a bottle like most shower gels, this one shoots out like foamy silly string, making you feel like bath time has the potential to be fun again. "The soap comes in a bottle with an aerosol pump, revealing a quick and powerful spray of moldable foam. It's similar to many of the products our moms used to buy to get us to take baths as children — and we're not complaining. It makes us wonder why we ever stopped playing with soap in the shower," PopSugar reported.

Shapeable Soap, $16.50, Bath and Body Works

You can shoot it onto your loofah or have fun covering your body with the the mousse-like suds. As always, Bath and Body Works delivers in the scent section too, having the soaps come in three different scents. The blue soap, or Cabana Breeze, is a coconut-based scent, making you think of suntan lotion and beach days. The green bottle is dubbed Liquid Sunshine, and it's citrus and jasmine based, while the pink bottle is Poolside Pop, which smells like lime, kiwi, and cucumber. Each of them retail for $16.50, which might sound like a hefty price for shower gel, but there's more to the product than just soap suds.

You can also play with and shape the foam in the tub, making you think back to your rubber ducky days as a kid. "All three soaps are surprisingly moldable, allowing you to stack the foam on top of itself and shape it with your hands. The product expands after a few minutes, becoming closer to a shaving-cream consistency," PopSugar reported.

And it can be yours right now, too if you hop online. They're available at, and there's even a deal where if you buy three you get two free, or if you buy two you can get one free.

If you want to be transported back to your childhood days, pick up a bottle and bring back a dose of fun to your shower routine.