Bath & Body Works' Pumpkin Candle Lineup For 2018 Is Way More Extensive Than You Think

Fall is coming. We know what's coming with it, and we can't face it alone: pumpkin scented and flavored everything. Walking into a store when Autumn hits and seeing and smelling pumpkin at every turn is similarly as overwhelming as, say, trying to catch up with Game of Thrones. I mean, what do you choose? A seasonal pumpkin muffin from that café you always go to? Pumpkin-scented body wash? Pumpkin Pie Spice Pringles (yes, they exist)? It's the one thing that has and will always be a part of the season, so if you like pumpkin, you might as well get well-versed in the best products to buy.

Though you may not like the taste of pumpkin flavored things, the scent can still give you that warm-and-cozy Fall feeling that we all know and love. If you're in search of a pumpkin-scented candle, look no further: Bath and Body Works has them down to a science. Seriously, they have just about every pumpkin-included candle combination that you could possibly imagine--just browsing through all of the options is a journey. I did my best to break down all of this year's best pumpkin-themed candles at the store, so read on to figure out which one is perfect for you.