This Foundation Looks Just Like Cake Batter, But Please Don't Eat It

Plenty of beauty brands come out with great themed collections, but this brand is a theme in and of itself. The brand that brought you Eyelash Icing and Flour Setting Powder is back at it with something even sweeter. Beauty Bakerie teased a Cake Mix Foundation, and it looks good enough to add to your makeup bag. It might not be out yet, but fans already think that it's good enough to add to their shopping list.

If you couldn't already tell by the name, Beauty Bakerie takes your classic makeup items, like highlighters, lipsticks, and concealers, and give it a baking-themed twist. There's a carton of egg-shaped beauty sponges, Cake Face Concealers, and even Lip Whips to add the frosting on top of any look. Now, there's also going to be a staple that they've never offered before — Cake Mix Foundation.

According to the Instagram photo posted by president and CEO of Beauty Bakerie Cashmere Nicole, the foundation will be a demi-matte finish and come in an adorable cake mix-inspired box.

"Your future obsession is just about ready! I can’t wait to share this with you soon! I worked really hard on this formula for nearly 2 years," the founder's Instagram caption reads. "I know what My Sweets like and it’s in yet another UNICORN formula. We create formulas that perform unlike other products out there. There’s no science. It’s all art which I LOVE.

The post doesn't do much teasing. It gives all the information that you could possibly need — except for the release date. Apparently the upcoming foundation will be available in 30 different shades, which is pretty darn inclusive. Plus you can't deny that the packaging is absolutely adorable. Oh, and the Cake Mix Foundation is also vegan and cruelty free.

"Enjoy 30 SHADES of my newest masterpiece in a few weeks," the post continues. "Thank you to everyone for working so hard on this launch and to all of My Suga Babies who have provided feedback, love & support."

Bustle reached out to the brand to get more info on an exact launch date.

The products might not be out yet, but people are already drooling over the new item. It's taken the brand seven years to come out with a foundation, but it's better last than never for customer. People on Twitter are raving about the look and versatility of the product, so this is sure to be incredible.

That heart-eyed emojis can only mean one thing — this product is love at first sight. It's not just a smudge-proof foundation. It's a "mf" smudge-proof foundation.

All caps, because THIS IS NOT A DRILL. A new Beauty Bakerie products is coming and people are virtually screaming it from the rooftops.

Another all-caps tweet, because fans literally cannot handle the fact that Beauty Bakerie is coming out with a foundation.

Don't let the emojis fool you. There's nothing but tears of joy for these products. Or maybe it's tears of sadness because people have to wait for it to come out. Either way, it'snot that much longer until people can add it to their makeup bags.

The Head Baker In Charge has spoken, and the words are just too good.

Basically, people are pretty darn excited to see a new item coming from Beauty Bakerie. Not just any brand can nail a trend this good. If you're looking to fully stock your pantry with super versatile colors, this is the time.

Until the launch date is announced, there are tons of other products to choose from. Every makeup recipe calls for different ingredients, but this brand is a great place to start.