Everything In Beauty Bay's First Skincare Collection Is Under £10

Beauty Bay

Beauty Bay is one of the best known UK retailers that stocks some of the most impressive makeup, skincare, and hair brands. It is also entrusted with launching exclusives, such as last year's Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson collaboration, which was only available to buy at Beauty Bay (BB) for UK customers. It therefore comes as no surprise that the retailer is launching its own range of skincare products, and I'll be honest: the range looks seriously impressive. Here's everything you need to know about this exciting launch, including what's in Beauty Bay's skincare range.

Skincare by Beauty Bay has been designed to fit into the everyday routines of the average woman. It prides itself on three pillars: simplicity, flexibility, and ingredient transparency, and is "designed to suit the lifestyle, needs, and routines of YOU.'

The collection puts innovative and beloved ingredients at the forefront, with formulas containing things like niacinamide, bakuchiol, and squalane. The carefully thought out range has been "inspired, developed, and tested by Beauty Bay's team of chemists and skincare obsessives,' and there's a product in there for just about everyone.

Beauty Bay

Comprehensive in its entirety, Skincare by Beauty Bay includes options for those who have oily, dry, or acne prone skin, as well as products for 'everyday' use (presumably for 'normal' skin types).

There are eleven products in total, from cleansers to moisturisers, serums to spot patches. The retailer is however highlighting the following five as their 'hero' products: SkinHit Soothing Serum, Day One Light Moisturiser, Skin Fixer Clay Mask, SkinHit Hydrating Serum, Super Jelly Gel Cleanser.

Perhaps the best thing about the collection is that it's accompanied by a campaign that highlights diversity and a range of skincare issues. The opening image on the first press release I received was of a woman with acne-prone skin, and there were different skin tones presented throughout. It feels like a refreshing change from singular skin tones and picture-perfect clear skin that many mass, main stream skincare brands tend to stick to.

The other impressive element is the pricing; every single thing in the range is under £10, so you an buy an entire routine for the price of a single, super high end formula you may usually pick up. Considering everything is so purse-friendly, the cool, creative packaging is also another plus.

The line is (unsurprisingly) exclusive to Beauty Bay, and is available to buy online now.