Beauty Bloggers Are Following Each Other's Makeup Tutorials — And Yes, It Does Go Badly

Manny MUA

Sometimes a trend hits YouTube, and all of your favorite beauty vloggers participate. Well, that's happening right now. Beauty vloggers following tutorials of other gurus has become the next big thing. Honestly, it's so relatable. From seeing them struggle through new techniques to watching them rewind the videos because they're moving too fast, it's just proof that while they're insanely talented, these gurus are kind of just like everyone else.

Where did the trend start? It seems to have originated with vlogger Thomas Halbert. The talented, ultra-honest makeup artist kicked off the idea by attempting to follow of Jeffree Star's makeup tutorials. Halbert explains that when he first began using makeup he would watch the tutorials of gurus like MannyMUA, Patrick Starrr, Jaclyn Hill, and NikkieTutorials. Basically, despite his mad skills, he's just like everyone else. Now that he's got his own channel and following, he decided to try it again. Poof! A new video trend was born thanks to Halbert.

Since he posted his original video at the end of January, other vloggers like Laura Lee, MannyMUA, and James Charles have all done similar videos. They attempt to recreate looks using the same products (or similar products which they already own), and the process and results are pretty relatable.

Halbert's original video has already amassed over 1.3 million views, and considering that more and more people continue to film similar video, that number is probably going to continue to grow.

Check out other gurus' version of Halbert's video and relive the days when you followed along step-by-step to your favorite YouTube vlogger's tutorials.

Thomas Halbert

Halbert didn't just do one but two videos. While his first was based on a Jeffree Star tutorials, his second was another famous male vlogger, James Charles.

James Charles

Since the trend seems to be all in good fun, there appears to be a lot of reciprocity going on. After Halbert did James Charles, he did the trend as well, but he followed a tutorials from YouTube OG Jenna Marbles.

Jenna Marbles

The idea of Charles to do Jenna Marbles, however, didn't just come from his fans. It came from Jenna Marbles herself. She followed one of the Charles' makeup looks, and the video is honestly pretty hilarious.


MannyMUA's video has a whopping 1.1 million views, and he just posted it a day ago. The views for the new trend are outrageous, and of course, it could have something to do with the fact that he chose to recreate a look from Hill, arguably one of YouTube's biggest influencers.

Laura Lee

Then, there's Laura Lee. The charming, Southern guru is known for her warm smoky eyes and subscribe song, but she decided to go for a NikkieTutorials looks. Nikkie and Laura Lee have different makeup styles, and based on the comments on the video, fans love seeing their favorite guru attempt something outside of their comfort zone.

Sylvia Gani

Gani's video is particularly notable because she chose Safiya Nygaard, who is responsible for the last YouTube video craze. Nygaard began the trend of mixing all of your foundations together. Now, she (and Gani) are part of the next big thing.


Ester (aka MsTopacJay) chose Jackie Aina for her recreation and did everything down to Aina's iconic "Jackie" song at the beginning. While Ester doesn't have all of the products that Aina does, she's proof that you can still follow along and make a look your own.

If you love gurus and their techniques, you can now (kind of) reverse roles with them. From seeing your favorites try something totally outside of their comfort zone to loving them more for being real about how they learned their skills, this is one trend that you should be all in on.