Becca Tilley Thought Her Macy's bar III Collection Was An Accident

Courtesy of Macy's

You may recognize Becca Tilley from her YouTube channel or maybe her Scrubbing In podcast. There's also her time on The Bachelor. Wherever you've seen her, the influencer and TV personality has certainly made a name for herself. Now, Becca Tilley's bar III collection with Macy's is adding another impressive job to her resume: designer.

Tilley has partnered with Macy's private label bar III to launch her first clothing collection inspired by her own personal style. Inside the collection, fans will find everything from sequin separates to vibrant pink sweaters and cheetah print. As for pricing, Tilley and the brand kept things affordable for fans with costs from $39.50-$129.50, and the size range begins at XXS and extends to XXL. In even better news, the collection is coming soon. The pieces will be available on the Macy's website beginning Oct. 9.

Tilley says to Bustle, though, that when she first got the call to work on the collection, she didn't think it was real, questioning whether it was truly her they wanted. The offer and the timing, however, turned out to be perfect. The influencer explains that she'd always wanted to do something in fashion but didn't quite know where to begin. In fact, she had shelved the idea as something for a later day when Macy's called about creating the line with bar III just after the new year.

Courtesy of Macy's

Tilley's work with the brand began not from pre-made options but from scratch. Working with Macy's, she was able to choose fabrics, silhouettes and patterns on her own. She had specific people in mind while she was brainstorming what each piece would look like.

"I basically designed my dream fall wardrobe for myself," Tilley says. "I was thinking what would I wear? What would the people in my life wear? I was thinking about my friends. I pay attention when I've seen other people put out lines. I've read comments and seen what [shoppers] want more of. What were they looking for? ... I wanted to choose not only what I would wear but what other people are looking for."

Courtesy of Macy's

One of Tilley's favorite aspects of designing with Macy's and bar III was the freedom she had during the process. She tells Bustle that no ever told her no when it came to what she wanted, and what she wanted was comfort, versatility, and a sense of confidence for shoppers.

"I want everyone to feel confident" Tilley say. "Whether they're going to work and they have a big meeting...and want to put on the blazer or one of the suits, or if they're just going to hang out with friends and they still want to feel comfortable but also feel put together. That was the whole concept for the line...comfortable and confidence and to feel like your best self."

Courtesy of Macy's

For admirers of the personality's style, the Becca Tilley x bar III collection is a way to get a bit of her look for yourself. Tilley's looks are often a mix of bold colors paired with classic silhouettes. One glance at her Instagram, and you'll see the way the influencer's love of separates and pattern.

While she may explain that the collection is comprised of her own take on fall staples, Tilley is also committed to making women feel more confident in their fashion choices. Whether Tilley's face is already familiar to you or not, her latest collection should certainly make your to-buy list.

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