Becca's "Favorite" 'Bachelorette' Date Will Involve Her Literally Destroying Arie-Related Items

ABC/Paul Hebert

Even though Arie Luyendyk Jr. is in Becca Kufrin's past, he was definitely mentioned more than a few times on Monday night's Bachelorette premiere, and now, it sounds like his presence will be part of next week's episode, too. On Tuesday morning, Becca revealed her favorite Bachelorette date was smashing Arie's things, and although the idea of the date itself is a bit ridiculous, it does sound like it helped her get closure.

Becca opened up about the date during an appearance on Good Morning America, and it's a doozy. Apparently, she and one of her contestants (who, at this point, remains nameless) go into a room filled with Arie-related memorabilia from The Bachelor and start breaking all of it — basically what everyone wants to do after a bad breakup, even ones that don't take place on national television.

“Next episode, I will say, I do have my favorite date of all time,” she said on the show. “It’s called the rage room and I go in with one lucky guy and we just smash everything from the past.”

"The rage room"? Just the name alone makes it sound pretty intense, but that's nothing compared to what Becca said goes on during that date.

She said:

"So I walked into this warehouse and it’s [Arie's] old race car from last season, it’s the proposal playing on a loop on monitors that we can smash. We had sledgehammers, we had baseball bats, we had crow bars — everything. Everything was fair game! It was so fun.”

Well, if anything is going to help you get over an old relationship, smashing a race car with a sledgehammer might just be it. The proposal playing on a loop sounds a little painful, but it sounds like Becca had a good time, and that's what really counts. You could definitely argue that the idea of physically breaking Arie's stuff while trying to forge a connection with new guys might be a little much, but it also sounds like it helped her move on. And it sounds like a lot of fun to watch.

And to be totally fair, Becca also added that after her experience on The Bachelorette, she can understand what Arie went through when he had to decide to end things with her so that he could be with Lauren. It hasn't all been smashing Arie's things — there's a lot of empathizing going on here, too.

Becca said:

“It’s a struggle because you meet so many guys, you make so many great relationships, and if you’re doing it right you should be open and developing feelings for multiple people. But it was very tricky to navigate, and I just wanted to go about it my way and really respect the guys and treat them how I would want to be treated, so that’s what I had to keep in the back of my mind the entire time.”

Good for Becca for recognizing that — and for committing to treating her men as fairly as possible. Dating as part of a show like The Bachelorette is never going to be easy (or drama-free), but sometimes, it leads to really great things. And since she's now happily engaged, it sounds like it was worth it to her.

It will be so much fun to see Becca's date play out next week and hear her talk about what that experience was like for her. After what she was put through on The Bachelor last season, it sounds like a visit to the rage room is exactly what the doctor (or, in this case, Chris Harrison) ordered.