Bed Bath & Beyond Finally Launched Its Own Affordable Home Line & It's Soothing As Heck

by Lia Beck
Bed Bath & Beyond

Bed Bath & Beyond enthusiasts, this one's for you. On Tuesday, March 12, Bed Bath & Beyond is launching its own brand, Bee & Willow. It's the first private label whole-home brand from BB&B, which, yes, is very specific, but the point is there's a bunch of new, exclusive stuff at Bed Bath & Beyond, from candles to furniture. Abbi, are you listening?

Bed Bath & Beyond describes Bee & Willow as an "eclectic mix of rustic and modern styles." The very large collection also looks pretty "farmhouse." It's very Joanna Gaines decorating a house on Fixer Upper, so if that's your style, you'll love this. As far as the color scheme, there's a lot of beige (like, a lot of beige) with some pops of soft blue and black metal. The prices range from $4.99, for things like cleaning supplies, to $999.99 for furniture.

If this doesn't sound like your thing, Bed Bath & Beyond probably still has you covered — and not only because the store already stocks so many items. Bee & Willow is only the first of six whole-home in-house brands that the company will release. According to BB&B, this will allow "for the ability to mix and match the different design collections based on the customers individual and unique style."

Until then, here's a look at some of what Bee & Willow has to offer.

Photo Frame

Cute! Or, according to Bed Bath & Beyond, "an elegant and unique way to display your favorite memories" that's "sure to enhance any decor."


Store your stuff without having to look at how messy it all is. That's what buffets are for, right?

Throw Pillow

In the market for a pillow with a dog on it that's not to loud and in-your-face? Here you go.

Accent Chair

According to Bed Bath & Beyond, this chair "lives up to its name" and "enhances its surroundings effortlessly to complement any room of your home." Well done, chair!

Shower Curtain

This 100 percent cotton shower curtain could actually suit a lot of styles.


As far as dustpans go, this one is pretty cool. It also comes in white — excuse me, Coconut Milk.

Table Lamp

There is also a taller floor lamp version of this one and one that comes with an LED bulb.


It's hard to tell at first, but this basket is made from cotton rope rather than colored straw. Textures are very important, people.


Much like the dustpan, a colander is something that could be just basic, but this one is actually pretty. Imagine some strawberries sitting in it on a hot summer day. (Or imagine it sitting in the sink for days on end after you made pasta. Either way.)

It looks like some of the items were already available since they already have reviews on the BB&B site, but now, the entire line is out there. So, if you're looking for some new home goods and these are your style, they're ready for the taking. And if they're not your style, Bed Bath & Beyond has five more lines coming. Just don't expect anything too out there.