Bella Thorne’s New Elbow Tattoo Is Oddly Mesmerizing

Bella Thorne/Instagram

It seems everyone has an opinion on everything Bella Thorne does. And while they're usually extremely positive or extremely negative (and Thorne could care less either way), her latest actions have followers stumped on what to think. Over the weekend, Bella Thorne's new elbow tattoo made its social media debut on her Instagram story and the unusual tattoo art left many of her fans wondering what to make of it.

In the selfie, Thorne wraps her arm around her face and points her elbow towards the camera. It's dark, but the flash captures her new ink: a design circling her actual elbow. There are tiny dots that form a circle around her elbow and little vertical lines jutting out from those dots. It looks a lot like a sun, based off of the photo, but nothing is confirmed, as Thorne did not give any explanation as to what the tattoo is or what her inspiration for it was.

The only text on the selfie was a mention. Thorne tagged @winter_stone, the Instagram account for celebrity Los Angeles-based tattoo artist Daniel Winter, who according to his Instagram, specializes in black and grey ink only. On his Instagram, Winter shows examples of his work, many of which are simple and dainty tattoos on people's forearms and wrists — none on an elbow, however. Perhaps Thorne's was Winter's first.

Bella Thorne/Instagram

At first glance, followers might've thought the tattoo was only temporary — maybe even a drawing someone scribbled with a pen. But the fact that she tagged Daniel Winter combined with the other fact that Thorne is no stranger to tattoos basically confirms that this is the real deal. Now the world just wants to know — why did Bella Thorne get this sun-inspired tattoo?

Her fans have taken to social media to express their confusion and wonder. User @cyrusxthorne even asked the actress for a clearer photo of the tattoo, so everyone could get a better idea of what it is. But since posting the original selfie on her Instagram story over the weekend, Thorne hasn't followed-up with any sort of explanation or additional photos. Fans will just have to patiently wait.

Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

But regardless of what you think of the tattoo, you have to admit, it's oddly mesmerizing, right? The simple lines and dots are pleasing to look at and the circular design with its tiny lines really draws your eyes towards the empty space in the center, which obviously is her elbow. And while it's a very unusual place to get a tattoo, it's quite creative and unique. You have to give it to Bella Thorne for always keeping it original.

As mentioned earlier, this is not Bella Thorne's first tattoo. Or second tattoo. In fact, this isn't even her third tattoo. Thorne has over eight tattoos all over her body, ranging from hearts on the palm of her hand and on her shoulder to a moon and stars near her ankle. Thorne also shares her love of cats through her tattoos. In 2015, celebrity tattoo artist Dr. Woo inked a kitten behind her ear on her neck. Since then, she also had a kitten nose and whiskers tattooed on her finger. Beyond her artistic tattoos, Thorne has even gotten her eyebrows microbladed.

While her newest tattoo addition will definitely leave fans wondering what the heck it means (until she clears things up, that is), one thing's for sure: Bella Thorne's one tough gal with a super high tolerance for pain. Between all of her tattoos and her piercings, it appears as though Thorne really doesn't mind getting pierced or poked at all.