Benefit BROWtones Colored Brow Gel Will Give You Rainbow Eyebrows For Festival Season


Just in time for festival season, Benefit has launched a new product line that will bring an unexpected splash of color to your makeup routine. We're not talking about a citrus-hued palette or a bold lip, but instead a new brow gel that will change the way you treat your arches. Benefit's 3D BROWtones Eyebrow Enhancer now comes in jewel tones, giving you more opportunities to play with color.

The BROWtones line originally was released with two colors a few years back: a "light/medium" taupe shade, and a "medium/deep" brown shade. A brush-on highlighting gel, this formula is meant to give your brows definition and depth without filling them in with a pencil. "It softens the look of darker brows with subtle highlights and enhances lighter brows with depth and dimension. Wear alone or with your favorite brow pencil," the product description reads. While it's a wonderful everyday product that helps make the most of your arch shape, the brand decided to take it a step further by expanding the color range to include playful, non-traditional shades.

Going into jewel-tone territories, they released five new colors that will highlight your brows subtly while also enhancing your eye color instantly. The color is sheer and buildable so you can decide how pigmented you want the finished look to be, you can wear it alone or over your favorite brow product, and it's water-resistant up to 12 hours, meaning if it starts to rain during your festival, your brows will still be in tact. (Literally come hell or high water.)


The shades available are copper, magenta, rich purple, deep teal, and deep blue. There's also a color blocking trick involved with the product, where certain shades will make different eye colors pop. For example, if you have brown eyes you can use deep teal to make them seem brighter. If you have blue eyes you can use the copper hue to warm them up and make them pop, and green eyes should reach for the rich purple to make them even more vivid. To give you an idea what the colors look like, shop them below!

Rich Purple

3D BROWtones Rich Purple


The Rich Purple hue comes on as a dark, grape purple and is a great shade to dabble with if you're not used to loud cosmetic colors. While it's still non-traditional, it's not quite so out of the box as, say, blue or silver. Are you not entirely sure how to pull these off? Benefit’s Global Brow Expert, Jared Bailey, suggests layering on multiple swipes of the color to build it up into a bold look. "When you’re feeling bold and confident, your brows should match. Coat your entire brow from start to finish with two or three layers for a look that is totally unique and daring," he shares.


3D BROWtones Magenta


The Magenta brow is more vibrant than the Deep Purple pick, so it will create a more eye-popping look. To take it a step further, Bailey suggests combing the two to create unexpected highlights. "Use two shades to create a gorgeous dance of color in your brows. For a warmer look, blend magenta into rich purple. And if you’re feeling cool, blend deep teal into deep blue," Bailey says.

Deep Teal

3D BROWtones Deep Teal


The Deep Teal hue swipes on like a dark blue/green, and would look really fun with a messy top knot and rosy makeup. If you happen to own more than one of these brow enhancers, Bailey suggests working an ombré into your arches. "Using 3D BROWtones in magenta or deep teal, create an ombré brow by starting light in the center and building up the color toward the end. This look is flirty and free spirited," Bailey says.

Deep Blue

3D BROWtones Deep Blue


The Deep Blue turns your brows into sapphires, creating a bold but elegant look. According to Bailey, all these colors were inspired by the dreamy melt of color in the iconic Coachella sunsets, and they're meant to offer a wide range of color combinations. You're meant to have fun with them and get creative.


3D BROWtones Copper


The copper shade adds a metallic spin to your arches, embedding small gold flakes along the way. If you're shy with your makeup, this is a great first shade to start with. "It’s subtle enough to wear anytime, but still brings fresh, new life to your brows," Bailey says.

From a sunset-inspired Magenta and Deep Purple brow to a glittering copper arch, this new collection is a fun addition to anyone's summer looks.