Ben's Ex-Wife Arrives On 'The Mindy Project' & She Intends To Put Up A Fight

Jordin Althaus/Universal Television

While Jody courted a Mindy clone, played by Tiya Sircar from The Good Place, the "real" Mindy found herself in a relationship predicament on The Mindy Project unlike anything she encountered before. After crashing the bat mitzvah of her boyfriend's daughter, she learned some interesting things about the family and, in classic Mindy style, did not make the best impression. Ben's ex-wife Patricia showed up on The Mindy Project and she is not a fan of Mindy.

Mindy, who at the time was disguised as a progressive rabbi from the city, learned from Patricia that she's hoping to reconcile with Ben. That's especially concerning because last Tuesday, during the Groundhog Day episode, Ben was considering trying to patch things up with Patricia as well. We also learned that Ben cheated on Patricia, and that's why their marriage ended in the first place. That's a pretty major red flag. At the end of the episode, Patricia confronted Mindy at her office and revealed that she's moving back to New Jersey because Lindsay and Ben need her. Honestly, what has Mindy gotten herself into?

Clearly, this is a good way to raise the stakes and force Mindy to take stock in this relationship, because I myself would have bolted five times already. Also, Adam Pally was back on this episode as the always, I think, suffering Peter Prentice. Is he happy in Texas? Is he miserable? It's difficult to tell.

This predicament is much more serious than the usual casual dating on The Mindy Project, and Mindy's own ex Danny hasn't even been in the picture for a while. The complications could double at any moment. I still can't imagine what this season is boiling down to, which is pretty exciting.