Best Buy Is Having A Flash Sale Right Now & The Price Cuts On Apple Products Are MAJOR

Best Buy

If there's an Apple product you've been lusting after, today is your day to get it. Tons of Apple products are now on sale at Best Buy in a online-only flash sale that ends today. While it's not exactly clear why they're having a major blowout sale — I mean seriously, the only national holidays I can dig up to explain this great gift are National Shrimp Scampi Day and National Raisin Day, and I have a feeling Best Buy isn't behind either one of those — the sale is nonetheless here. Best Buy's selection of Apple products are super discounted, making that dream computer upgrade way more attainable than it's ever been. So you're going to want to pull yourself out of that post-tax season slump and take full advantage of these attractive prices before they expire. This is definitely one of those rare opportunities you want to jump on and because it's online-only, you don't even have to leave the house to cash in on it. How great is that?

And no, I'm not talking about a measly 10 percent off sale that cuts the price so nominally it doesn't make the prospect of purchasing something any more real, I'm talking about huge price cuts like $500 off a MacBook, $300 off an iMac, and $200 off an iPhone — the kind of sales that typically only come around during Black Friday or Cyber Monday. I mean, what better way to celebrate buttery shrimp and old grapes than with some fresh Apple products that you didn't realize you'd be able to so easily afford. Here are the Apple sales you don't want to miss you on:

1. The Uber Professional MacBookPro

Save $500 on this gorgeous professional-grade laptop with Retina display, making it perfect for work and epic for play. It comes fully loaded with every program you might need and is lightning fast.

2. The Must-Have Every Day MacBook

Save $350 on this compact but highly efficient laptop. Work from home or on-the-go, with all day battery life you've got lots of options. The ability to not be attached to a power source every few hours is so freeing. Not to mention, the incredible lightness of this device makes it so easy to bring it around with you — to the office, on the plane, in the coffee shop, it's beyond mobile.

3. The Fifth Generation iPad

Save $100 on this fresh tablet. It's the perfect way to keep your professional life going when you're in beach mode and you don't have to worry about getting sand in your keys. Sign up for a cellular plan and you can literally bring this to the beach to get work done while you're unplugged.

4. The Three Series Apple Watch

Save $40 on a fresh millennial pink banded Apple Watch and be excited about a watch for the first time since you got your Baby G. I mean seriously, when was the last time you proudly wore a watch? This watch tracks your physical activity, monitors your heart rate, plays music, lets you talk to your friends and oh yeah, tells the time.

5. The Epic iMac

Save $300 on an iMac and make the dream of having a very legit and ginormous desktop computer a reality with the help of this flash sale. A discount this big on such a new computer is pretty rare, so if you're still using a computer that constantly crashes and eats your homework, now is the time to get the computer you truly deserve.

Catch the sale while you can!