Hilarious Hangover Memes That'll Set You On The Road To Recovery & Make You LOL

This Morning/ITV

It's morning or afternoon, you're not sure which. All you know is that the sun is shining through your curtains in a manner that can only be described as inconsiderate, your mouth feels like it's full of pencil sharpenings and there's pneumatic drilling going on inside your brain. You're hungover. And getting out of bed to face the day feels about as doable as scaling Mount Everest in flip flops. But I know what'll help, a good giggle and sense of solidarity. You need some tip top hilarity, in the form of the very best hangover memes out there.

But first you need to get yourself into a fit state to appreciate my hard work fully. That means hydration stations, down a whole pint of the clear stuff if you must, raid the fridge for some much-needed snacks or hop on Deliveroo if you really have to, and give those teeth a brushing to get rid of that fuzzy feeling in your throat. OK, you ready? Excellent, settle in for some fine, fresh and most importantly funny, meme content.

As you've no doubt just been reminded, the most important part of hangover recovery is getting as much water into your dehydrated little bod as fast as possible. When it comes to hydration, we could all learn a thing or two from these hippos.

Or if water doesn't do the trick. There's always iced coffee.

Your phone is not your friend when you're hungover. Whether it's reminders of all those messages you shouldn't have sent last night, or your mates texting you unnecessarily detailed accounts of the various ways you embarrassed yourself and them last night, it's usually best to give it a wide berth. Unless you're using it to look at highly relatable hangover memes that is, in which case, continue.

Waking up with a hangover is never fun. But waking up still drunk is even worse. When will it hit? How bad will it be? You can try and fight it off with as many "cures" as you like, as far as you're concerned, that hangover is Liam Neeson and you're the guys who took his daughter. It has a very special set of skills that make it a nightmare for people like you (aka people who thought a fourth shot was a good idea). It is coming for you, and there is nothing (besides a Berocca) that you can do about it.

What's even tougher than dealing with the dark thunderclouds of a soon to be raging hangover on the horizon, is trying to keep it together when you're worse for wear at work. Grab the breath mints, keep your head down and try not to snap at Karen from accounts when she says you look tired. You do.

We all know that other than an ice cold glass of water and a McDonald's delivered directly to your door, few things help shift a hangover quite like a good cuddle. And everyone knows the best kind of cuddles are cute dog cuddles.

Cute dogs aside, sometimes the hangover is so bad, the only thing that will help is writing off the day and getting right back into bad (or maybe never getting out of it). Fire up that laptop, stick on your fave Netflix show or Disney film, and be nice to yourself, you'll feel better tomorrow. Unless it's a terrible two-day affair, in which case I'll see you back here in the morning.

So there you have it. I hope you're feeling fully recovered, or if not at least a little brighter. Who said memes weren't the solution to all your problems?