Give Your Belly Some Love With The Best Supermarket Drinks For Good Gut Health

by Aoife Hanna
Guille Faingold / Stocksy

Trust your gut. That gut feeling. Or are you a misery guts? Y'all, turns out all of these old sayings are completely based in truth. Your gut, sometimes referred to as the second brain, has a lot to do with every part of your health. Which brings a whole new meaning to you are what you eat. And believe it or not, your local supermarket has drinks that could promote gut health.

Whether you feel like your gut is healthy as can be, or in a not-so great state — treating it to a digestion-friendly drink could help give it a boost. One easy way to encourage a healthy gut is by including probiotics as a part of a healthy, gut-friendly diet. According to the the NHS website, probiotics are all about that good bacteria.

"Probiotics are so-called "friendly bacteria" that also occur naturally in the gut and have been linked to all sorts of digestive health benefits, including helping irritable bowel syndrome and traveller's diarrhoea".

And, thanks to the wellness trend, there's a good selection of gut-friendly beverages of all kinds to be found at most supermarkets these days. Gut health is very much of the moment y'all, and these drinks are a great way to get involved.


The Collective Kefir Mango & Turmeric

The Collective began in New Zealand and has since expanded to the UK and Ireland. This particularly delicious fermented number claims to be filled with probiotics. Fermented milk?! I hear you scream. Well this ancient drink, called kefir, combines yeast and grains which ferment the milk in a similar method to yoghurt. But, as Healthline reports, there is evidence to suggest it could be a more powerful probiotic than a pot of greek yog. Happy days for your digestion.


Captain Kombucha

This yummy kombucha is another fermented drink that promises to come packed probiotics. It's available in multiple flavours, making it a perfect replacement for that fizzy drink you were craving.


Biomel Almond Probiotic Drink

If like many, dairy isn't your thing for ethical and/or health reasons — this brand is exactly what you need. Their almond drink is entirely vegan, gluten free, and free from added sugar. Plus it claims to contain "billions of live active cultures".


Equinox Kombucha

Kombucha is a fermented tea that is made using something called a "scoby" which is a combination of bacteria and yeast. As result Kombucha contains probiotic bacteria. Equinox is definitely one of the most delicious brands around. It's also naturally fizzy so might well be a good natural substitute for those looking to cut down on sugary drinks.


Biotiful Kefir

This is another example of kefir the drink that's more cultured than someone who goes to the opera every week. This one comes in a few different flavours, but I personally prefer the original.


No. 1 Kombucha

OK so somewhat surprisingly this kombucha is made by none other than rugby legend Jonny Wilkinson. It comes in three flavours for maximum deliciousness and can be purchased at Sainsbury's, what's not to love?