4 Great Pairs Of Ultra Precise Tweezers That Are Perfect For Plucking Your Brows

If you're anything like me, well-groomed eyebrows can give you a serious boost of confidence. Even when my makeup is on point, if my eyebrows aren't looking their best (to me, at least), then I don't feel my best. As such, I've become somewhat of an expert when it comes to grooming my brows on my own. The key? Making sure you have a pair of the best tweezers for eyebrows in your possession.

There are a few things to keep in mind when tweezing your own eyebrows. You want to look for a tweezer that you're comfortable using, that feels good in your hand, and that doesn't tug on the sensitive skin around your eyes. You also want to move slowly — don't go to groom your brows when you're on a time constraint. Perfect brows take patience, and it's better to pluck one hair out at a time than a whole clump. The more precise you are, the better.

And as for the tweezers themselves? Look for ones with an angled tip that hug each hair individually. If you're not sure where to start, scroll on. I've rounded up the best tweezers for eyebrows, all of which are available on Amazon. A perfectly groomed set of brows is just a click away.


The All-Around Best Tweezers

There's a reason why the Tweezerman Stainless Steel Slant Tweezer is a classic option that's beloved by beauty pros and regular consumers alike. It's got a 25 degree slanted tip that hugs each individual hair firmly, ensuring precise removal. It also helps mitigate pain. By plucking individual hairs out at the root, you're less likely to experience the sting that usually comes from plucking. Extremely durable and easy to clean, you'll be able to use these tweezers for years — probably even decades.


Tweezers That Are Easier To Squeeze

If you tend to struggle with squeezing those small metal grips, then you're going to want to pick up Coco's Closet Tweezer For Eyebrows. They have a comfort grip built in right around the tip of the tweezer, which means you get a better, more comfortable grip, resulting in more precise hair removal. Like the Tweezerman option, above, they have a slanted tip, so they won't cause as much redness or irritation when you pluck.


Tweezers For People Who Hate Tweezers

Sometimes even the most comfortable tweezers don't work for some people. In that case, the NOLUX Stainless Steel Eyebrow Tweezer is a great option. It's shaped like scissors with an angled tip, making it easier to grip and pull. Since the tip is angled, you can get up as close to the root of the hair as you would with a traditional tweezer. But the scissors on the bottom mean that it's easier on your wrist — a win-win for folks who are less-than-dexterous.


A Great Two-For-One Option

If you're just getting started on self-grooming your brows, the TweezerGuru Tweezer Set is a great option. It has two tweezers with two different tips — one with a traditional slant and one for precision plucking. The slanted tip gives you all of the benefits you're used to with tweezers — it hugs the hair and pulls it gently — while the precision tip is great for spot-tweezing, applying fake eyelashes, and removing splinters.

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