Bethenny Is On ‘RHOBH’ Next Week & This Clip Of Her, Kyle, & LVP Is Already Epic


Tuesday's Real Housewives of Beverly Hills showcased another massive fight between Kyle Richards and Lisa Vanderpump — and it's pretty much all Dorit Kemsley's fault. Thankfully, in the next episode Bethenny Frankel is discussing Kyle and Vanderpump's fight, because her expertise is absolutely needed here. In a clip from next Tuesday's RHOBH, Kyle explains her contentious situation with LVP to Bethenny. The Real Housewives of New York City star's response? "It was a thank you, f*ck you. It was a thuck you, we call it."

Could that be more of a Bethenny response? She has hit the nail on the head when it comes to defending her good friend Kyle and attempting to make Lisa understand why she needs to apologize to her friend of 10 years. Though, it doesn't seem like Lisa agrees. "So now Kyle's got Bethenny as a backup, well, I have no problem going head-to-head with Bethenny," the SUR owner says in her private interview.

During the most recent RHOBH, Kyle became extremely upset after hearing how Dorit talked about both she and Lisa with the other women at a dinner, where neither of them were present. Kyle felt like Dorit was singling her out over the situation stemming from Erika Jayne leaving Teddi Mellencamp's beach house to stay in a hotel. Furthermore, Kyle didn't appreciate how Dorit essentially called Lisa a jealous, insecure, and needy person.

So, what did Kyle do? She called out Dorit at her New York City BELLA magazine cover event. It did not go over well. Kyle became even more upset when Lisa didn't speak up on her behalf after Dorit got angry with her. Kyle felt like, since she was defending LVP for the hurtful things Dorit had said about her, Lisa should've had her back. To make matters worse, at the end of the night, Dorit said rather than riding back to the hotel with everyone else she was going to take a cab home, and LVP said she would go with her so she wasn't alone. FYI, they ended up going back with everyone else, thanks to Erika.

This was the moment Kyle felt like Lisa was being "unloyal" and choosing Dorit, the person who had actually hurt her feelings, over the friend who was standing up for her. It spiraled from there and Lisa, of course, couldn't even apologize for hurting Kyle.

Based on the above clip from next week, it's clear their fight is far from over. In the teaser, LVP tries to explain to Bethenny why she wanted to jump in a cab with Dorit, but Bethenny isn't having it. "She's a big girl," the Bethenny & Fredrik star says about Dorit. To that, Lisa says in her confessional, "I'm a big girl, too, and a bigger person, so there. Uh, thuck you. Thank you, I mean."

Bethenny tries to makes sense of why Lisa feels the way she does and even brings her accent into the conversation. Bethenny says, "Dorit, she is British." After both Kyle and LVP inform her Dorit is actually from Connecticut, Bethenny says confusingly, "Oh, she isn't? What's that accent?"

At this point, Lisa thinks Bethenny is making fun of Dorit, but she swears that's not the case. The RHONY star even says to Lisa, "I swear to God. Don't you f*cking tell me what I'm doing. Because you guys lie, I don't lie. Not in this house, honey! You're in my town. Don't f*cking call me a liar." Yeah, Bethenny isn't afraid of Vanderpump. She then tries to get Lisa to say sorry to Kyle, but all Lisa can muster is: "I'm sorry if you were you upset."

Who knows if Lisa will ever deliver a sincere apology, but there's no denying Bethenny has Kyle's back.