This Purse Looks Exactly Like A Can Of La Croix & It's So Delightfully #Basic

Courtesy of Betsey Johnson

Designer Betsey Johnson has built a long and iconic career through kitschy clothes and accessories. Her pop culture and punk signatures make her pieces instantly recognizable. Betsey Johnson's new La Croix-inspired crossbody bag might be her brand's most gloriously basic accessory of the season. It's the soft drink-inspired, Spring 2019 companion to the much-ballyhooed Pumpkin Spice Latte purse.

If you love La Croix's flavored sparkling water drinks and are on the hunt for a conversation-starting handbag that adds a major dose of "oomph" to your OOTD, you just found it with the Le Bubbly Betsey Soda Crossbody Multi. The cylindrical purse is shaped exactly like a can of your favorite beverage — so much so that you might think the bag is an official Betsey Johnson x La Croix collaboration. (It's not.)

The top zipper can be worn slung across the chest, carried by its long strap, or hung from the shoulder. It's a small but mighty and versatile accessory that can be toted multiple ways while safely storing necessities like lip gloss, cash, and your ID.

The La Croix-looking bag is $68 and is currently on sale at the Betsey Johnson website. It's so adorable that it’s practically criminal. It's also very likely to sell out.

The Le Bubbly Betsey Soda Crossbody is totally Instagrammable. It's the type of statement piece that you post on your feed and it causes followers to immediately inquire about where you got it. The bag is also the perfect complement to any monochromatic or neutral-toned ensemble since it adds just the right pops of color, thanks to the cotton candy pink base and blue and yellow splash.

The Betsey Johnson design team didn't skimp on any of the details that define this bag, either.

In case you were wondering about the flavor, it's Sparkling Pink Citrus. The bag is not a significant source of anything but bubbles and was made with love. It says so right there on the "can." The back side of the bag boasts the standard list of nutritional facts that is usually posted on real food and drinks. But this bag has all of the jokes. Take a closer look at the nutrition panel. Rather than breaking down how many grams of protein, sodium, or sugar comprise the "drink," there are snarky comments. If you look just below the bar code graphic, it reads, "Enjoy with your besties." This bag oozes cuteness at every turn.

Courtesy of Betsey Johnson

If the La Croix crossbody isn't exactly calling your name, don't despair. Betsey Johnson has another quirky crossbody bag option that might appeal to you. There's a succulent-inspired bag currently available on the brand's site. It looks like a potted plant and will spark as much conversation as its La Croix counterpart.

The So Succulent bag is another fashionable way to usher in spring, especially if you tend to a garden or like to surround yourself with plants. The absolute sweetest detail of this bag is the lifelike ladybug crawling up the side of the pot.

Ultimately, the latest Betsey Johnson beverage bag comes with a major dose of charm. So does the succulent version. Both add a joyful finishing touch to any ensemble.