Beyoncé Is Selling A Half Of A Hat For A Really Good Reason

by Kali Borovic

Many celebrities have clothing lines, but Beyoncé's Ivy Park takes it above and beyond. Instead of just selling merch promoting her music and personal brand, the singer's clothing line is much more wearable. Now, Ivy Park is proving to be especially innovative, too. Beyoncé's latest Ivy Park collection includes a dad hat with an open back, and fans are obsessed with the quirky and practical design.

Leave it to Beyoncé to take something on-trend and make it even better than before. The singer took the traditional dad hat, which the brand already has in stock, and simply cut the back off it. This way, people will curly hair can get in on the trend without having to force their natural hair underneath a cap.

The idea is simple, but absolutely genius. Not to mention it's a nod to the beauty of natural hair.

The hat is up for preview on the TopShop website right now, but is completely sold out. To rock the trend for fall, you'll have to get on a waitlist to be notified when the cap comes back in stock.

Unfortunately, this half-of-a-hat is still being sold for full price. The Velvet Backless Cap will cost you a cool $35.

Velvet Backless Cap by Ivy Park, $35, Top Shop

The hat is somewhere between a regular baseball hat and a visor. Of course, this is much cooler than a '90s visor could ever be. Not only does it have the coveted "Ivy Park" logo on it, but it's also made of velvet. In place of just an extendable strap on the back, there's a stretchy band, so that just about anyone can rock the look.

As plenty of fans have already pointed out on Twitter, Beyoncé's devotion to women of color and their hair is unwavering. Whether it's through her music or with her fashion line, she's constantly taking the needs of women of color into account — a group of women often ignored by mainstream fashion.

Velvet Backless Cap by Ivy Park, $35, Top Shop

This isn't the first time a star has altered the dad cap trend to make it fit with their personal style. Ariana Grande cut a hole in the top of her hat so that her signature high ponytail could stick out of the top. She has yet to sell them on her merch website, making her one step behind Queen Bey.

But Beyoncé's take on the trend doesn't just suit personal style. It's just another example of her commitment to women of color — as if you needed more proof.

Velvet Backless Cap by Ivy Park, $35, Top Shop

Fans are obsessed with the half-hat design to say the least. Despite the price, there's no doubt that this cap will encourage a virtual Hunger Games to get your hands on one.

These aren't just random trends. The collection is completely thought out.

Thanks, Bey. Because everyone deserves to get in on the questionable dad hat trend.

People wonder why Beyoncé is so great. Here you go.

The future of fashion is here, and it's extremely functional.

It's not a want. It's a need.

Okay, so not everyone is into the trend. To each her own.

Black hair deserve to be celebrated throughout all seasons and trends. Because natural hair is beautiful hair.

But this is much more than just a hat trend, my friends. This is a step toward fashion inclusion. Whether you're behind the look of the dad hat or not, you have to admit that it's a brilliant design.

Let's hope the rest of the fashion world can start thinking like Queen Bey.