Here's How Beyonce "Changed" Her Nail Polish So Fast During Her Coachella Performance

Larry Busacca/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

If you have any kind of social media, then you know that this weekend was Beychella. Thousands of photos have probably invaded your timeline from the legendary artist's first headlining performance at Coachellla. But have you looked at her mani? Beyoncé's supposed manicure change during her Coachella performance is taking over the internet. Which, to those who get their nails painted regularly, seems like an impossible feat.

Not only was Bey's performance amazing and impossible not to share and reshare, but it was also historical. Beyoncé was the first black woman to headline the 19 year old festival, which started in 1999. And she took that honor seriously, where she turned the performance into a spectacle of black excellence, performing the black national anthem, recreating an HBCU halftime show complete with marching band and step team, and played a snippet of "Strange Fruit," which is about lynchings and the continuing oppression of African Americans in this country. So suffice it to say, it was a jaw dropping performance with many unforgettable details that people will be talking about well after the festival is packed up and closed down for the season.

But then there's Bey's mani, which among the amazingness took fans a few days to process. As some internet users pointed out, Beyoncé had black nails at the beginning of her set. But those appeared to change to silver glitter in some photos of the star. So what gives?

Honestly, at this point the majority of us wouldn't even be surprised if witchcraft was part of her repertoire, but it turns out there's a logical explanation to how she seemed to have switched nail polish shades halfway through her epic set.

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The discovery was made when the professional photos taken during the performance began to circulate, and people noticed that the artist started her show with black nails, but then somehow switched over to a glittering, silver set halfway through. And people were here for it.

Some said that kind of attention to detail was the level of extra we should all aspire to be.

Some saw it as a new level of excellence to try and achieve.

Others were just straight up baffled over how she could pull that feat off.

Luckily for us, the people over at Buzzfeed cracked it with their careful sleuthing. It turns out that there was no actual manicure change, and we were looking at two sets of photos from two different nights.

If you follow Beyoncé on Instagram then you would have noticed that she put up photos from the performance before she even got on stage. That's because those pictures were from a rehearsal she did the night prior, where she did a dry run of the set with everything that would be involved during the headlining show — from costumes, to dancers, to special effects — making it look like the real deal. And that's where she's wearing the silver nail polish.

The professional photos taken at the concert the night-of were only taken during the beginning of the show, which is why there aren't any photos of her wearing the black polish later on in the night, making it seem like she actually did get a two second manicure in the back as she was quickly changing her costumes.

But if you go back to watch the footage of the performance and zoom in on her nails, you will notice that they are, indeed, still painted black. Which means that there was no impromptu mani performed behind the curtain, but that doesn't make the performance any less epic.

And if you're disappointed there was no beauty hack on how to pull off such a quick nail color change, don't worry. There is technically a way you could achieve it, as one helpful tweeter pointed out. All you need to do is run to CVS.

If there's a will, there's a way.