Beyonce's New On The Run II Tour Merch Depicts Her As The Queen She Is

Christopher Polk/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Beyoncé and Jay Z are teaming up yet again for a tour. While that leaves a whole lot of on-stage fashion moments to come, you can also have some of your own a little early. Oddly enough, Beyoncé's On The Run II Tour merch features selfies of the singer dressed as a queen. As in, sans her husband. The design says a lot about the singer's relationship, but not what you might think.

The singer is known for creating some seriously iconic tour merch, and this time is no differently. Specifically because it was inspired by someone even more historical than herself. Each of the five new shirt designs features Beyoncé as a queen. Not just any queen, but Nefertiti, according to the names of the shirts.

Nefertiti is the woman who ruled in Egypt alongside Pharaoh Akhenaten, according to the History Channel website. The publication states that Nefertiti might have even ruled after her husband's death, which was not common at the time. Oh, and her full name was Neferneferuaten which means, "“Beautiful are the beauties of Aten, a Beautiful Woman has come.” Same.

Each photo of Beyoncé shows her wearing a golden crown with minimL makeup on. Other that the jewel-filled crown, the photos show her wearing three large rings on her hand as well as earrings. Some of the designs are single images of the singer while others are photo booth style. While Jay-Z might not be directly on the shirt, there are some ties to him.

All five shirts are available to shop on Beyoncé's merch website right now. While items have been a bit pricey in the past, these shirts range from $35 to $40 with the sweatshirt design capping out at $60. That's not exactly affordable, but it is cheaper than usual. While there is likely more OTR II merch coming out as the date gets closer, this is a great place to start stocking your wardrobe.

Of course, the line is limited edition. If you want to stock up, you're going to want to do it soon. Some of the sizes are already selling out online. Here are all of your unisex shopping options, so you can plan accordingly.

1. Bright Orange Longsleeve

Nefertiti Contact Sheet Long Sleeve


Just in case you wanted to know what Beyoncé photo reel on her phone looks like. The crown might not be relatable, but the layout of this shirt is. Plus it comes in bright orange, so you can make sure everyone sees you when you're coming.

2. Colored Crop Top

Nefertiti Crop


This crop top will give you Beyoncé in full color, so you can really see her shine. The unisex design shows the singer staring right at you in all of her royal glory. No words are needed when you have this kind of photo on your tee.

3. Black & White Sweatshirt

Nefertiti Hoodie


This sweatshirt is a little more subtle in black and white, but it still gets the point across. Whether you're wearing this to the concert or just hanging out around the house, you will feel like a queen just like Bey.

4. Queen Tee

Nefertiti T-Shirt


You're going to need something to go under that sweatshirt when it gets warmer. You might as well opt for a similar-looking style as the heavier layer. The photos are slightly different than the one that's looking straight-on.

5. Orange Photo-Reel Crop Top

Nefertiti Contact Sheet Crop Top


Crop top season is right around the corner, so you might as well start stocking up now. You can always get the long-sleeve to go with it. You know, to rock Beyonce no matter the weather.

Honestly, you can't go wrong with any of these styles.