This Astrology-Inspired Eyeshadow Palette Will Make You View Your Sign In A New Way

For some of us, the stars rule our lives. Crazy weeks are brought on by Mercury being in retrograde, dates are vetted by astrological charts, weeks are planned according to how kind our horoscope is, and personalities play out what our sign says. Knowing how serious astrology-lovers are about what the stars hold for them, beauty brands are starting to bring their makeup palettes into the study. Enter BH Cosmetics new Zodiac Palette, which assigns two unique eyeshadows for every zodiac sign. But don't feel guilty coloring outside the astrological boundaries.

The news of the new palette broke on @dupethat's Instagram account, an account that announces beauty news, shares affordable dupes, and creates reviews. They shared that the palette will be available Nov. 13, but there is no information on how much it will cost yet. They also revealed close ups of the shadow options, sending beauty lovers' hearts racing.

Each zodiac sign gets a matte and metallic shadow, letting them play with different textures and intensities. The fall and winter months have dark colors, ranging across the brown and copper spectrum, with chrome shadows in dark green, toasted gold, and shimmering tawny. The spring and summer months are earmarked with pastel and electric shades, with their matte shadows spanning across a pink and purple spectrum, and their metallic options featuring silver, gunmetal, and champagne huews. There's also a silvery highlighter in the middle, available for all signs to dabble in.

But seeing how gorgeous these options are, you're going to be hard-pressed with sticking to only your astrologically designated color. You're going to be crossing signs, sampling each shade offered by the Zodiac.

So far reception to the palette is positive, with followers already voicing their interest in buying it. One follower tagged their friend in the post, writing, "I am so on it! Def will be making a bulk purchase. One for you and one for me!" Another is already hyped for beauty vloggers to get their hands on it, writing, "Ready for YouTube tutorials!"

If you want to stock up on other Zodiac-related cosmetics while you wait for the 13th, here are a few great options to hold you down:


MySign Products

MySign Gemini, MySign

Basically anything from MySign will satiate your astrological cravings. When you go on the site, you type in your birthday, time of birth, and place of birth to be matched with your perfect collection. The collection is complete with an eye primer, highlighter, two shades of brow powder, and three eyeshadow shades unique to your sign.


Julep's The Zodiac Collection

The Zodiac Collection, $14, Julep

Changing each month, Julep has created individual nail polishes for each Zodiac sign with the help of an astrologist. When you go to the brand's site, you get a sign story and forecast, as well as suggestions on what other Julep products and colors your sign aligns with.


Mystic Mani Crystal Infused Polishes

Mystic Mani, $18, Love By Luna

With a line of 14 shades, each astrological sign is represented — but there's an exciting twist. Love By Luna has also matched a different crystal to each shade, grounding it into a fine powder, and including it inside the formula. That way you can wear the healing powers of the crystals on your nails all day long.


Perfumes Of The Zodiac

Perfumes Of The Zodiac, $350, Spicer Perfumes

These 100 percent botanical perfumes cost a pretty penny. But if you're looking to explode your budget and embrace your Zodiac sign at the same time, this brand has your number. Each perfume comes with a Zodiac description and tries to match your character, explaining what each ingredient would do. For example, the Scorpio product description says, "Vetiver and palo santo both respect and soften Scorpio’s iron will, while frankincense and cinnamon reflect Scorpio’s deep spiritual wisdom and vast knowledge. Leather and white Cognac encourage Scorpio’s brooding intellect to lighten up and live joyously in the moment."

Whether you wait for BH Cosmetics palette or indulge in these other products is up to you. Just know that the stars have your back.