Billie Eilish Just Dyed Her Hair & You've Never Seen A Look Like This

Ari Perilstein/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Forget every hair color trend that has defined Summer 2019 thus far because they've all been shut down and sent home by one pop star's new hue. Singer Billie Eilish dyed her hair neon green and it's the coolest look E-V-E-R. Eilish is fearless when it comes to both her sound and her style. She has experimented with blue, gray, and lavender locks in recent months and just showed off her new 'do hue in a series of short and sweet clips on her Instagram story. If you are daring with your hair, Eilish just might inspire you to try this fun and funky look. It features bright green roots contrasted with dark strands. It's a totally new take on two-tone tresses and is basically "Ombre V. 2019." Overall, Eilish's edgy coif was dark, light, and bright at the same time.

At first glimpse, most of Eilish's hair appeared to be dark brown. However, she lifted certain pieces up and pulled them back, proudly showing off her roots in what amounted to a strand surprise. The under layer of hair was the same adventurous shade of slime green.

This color looks incredibly high maintenance, hard to achieve, and totally awesome. It's also the ultimate in cool girl hair since Eilish did neon in a way that you've likely never, ever seen.

It's not easy being green but Eilish made this color work for her. She paired her new hair hue with skinny glasses that boasted green lenses and a shirt and scarf with green detailing. Eilish was all about those lime green details and being matchy matchy with accessories in a cute and creative way. Eilish's colorist certainly did an amazing job with this dye job that don't you see every day. The presentation was absolutely awe-inspiring.

Eilish also posted this shot while staring straight ahead and it looks as though she had green highlights or like her dark locks were tinted with a lime green cast. Who knew that slime green hair could be so versatile and look so different from multiple vantage points? Leave it to Eilish, who is steadily establishing herself as a style star, to come up with a completely new way to do green hair.

It's not clear if Eilish's neon green hair is a temporary, wash out color or if it's a semi-permanent shade. She was rocking waist-length and gloriously gothy black hair extensions as recently as two weeks ago in her Instagram photos. Since Eilish has shown a propensity for swapping out her style on the regular, she could quickly ditch the green x black ombre shade in favor of something more monochromatic. She could also keep this color. All we really know is that her slime green roots are unforgettable and that Eilish will always keep her fans guessing about what she'll do next.

Eilish, who is just 17, easily and effectively pulls this look off. If you have the freedom to do as you wish with your hair this summer, why not try neon roots or neon under layers? It's totally bold and so punk rock.