Billie Piper's Gripping New TV Show Will Make You Question The Security Of Your Phone

by Aoife Hanna
Richard Young/Shutterstock

Starting off with a music career that seriously brought the hits and then migrating into a pretty mega acting career is no mean feat. Billie Piper is one of the few who have managed such a career move so successfully. Making it look, well, easy as pie. Whether it's assisting the Doctor or nailing period dramas to the ground — this woman's really got it. So the exciting news that she is making a new drama is positively delightful. And luckily for fans, Billie Piper has shared some details about I Hate Suzie, her new drama, and it sounds gripping AF.

According to a statement from Sky, the show's broadcaster, the series is about a famous woman whose life is thrown into a tailspin when her phone is hacked and, echoing what's unfortunately happened to other celebs in recent times, her photos were leaked. One that's in what you might say, a compromising position. Leaving her with a decidedly different place in the public eye and the nation's hearts. The show is not only starring the British star but she also co-created it alongside British playwright and screenwriter Lucy Prebble who wrote Secret Diary Of A Call Girl, in which Piper famously played the lead.

According to the statement, "The eight-part series is a bold, bracing, funny drama about the moment in life when the mask slips, asking if any us can survive being well and truly known'."

Speaking about the new show Piper revealed not only was she excited about making the new show but that her and Prebble are in fact BFFs. Sky reports that the reunion is an exciting one for the pair. "It's taken years to finally get Lucy, my long-term GF and favourite writer in London – to work with me again. We feel we've created something timely and not for the faint-hearted. If you too suffer with anxiety, shame, compulsive lying but like a laugh, please tune in at some point," she said.

Prebble added that she's excited to only work for more than one reason, saying: "At last I get to make my best friend Billie Piper do terrible things on screen again. It is all I live for."

The show is set to be created for Sky as a part of their original programming and will be produced by Bad Wolf. Sky has been setting the bar super high of late with their push on original programming. According to their website, they recently committed to more than double their investment in original comedy, drama, documentary, and comedy. All of the former through Sky Studios. Sky Studios is the creative hub of Sky and provides a platform for some of the most unique, incredible, and entertaining productions in Europe.

They've been responsible for the likes of Sally4Ever, Chernobyl, Fortitude, and anthology series Urban Myths. Upcoming and very exciting productions include Catherine The Great which is starring the wonderful Helen Mirren, Temple starring Mark Strong, and season 2 of Jez Butterworth's Britannia.

Meaning if you haven't got a subscription yet, it might be time to consider investing.