Billy Porter's 'SNL' Cameo Brought His 'Pose' Energy To CNN's Equality Town Hall

During a star-filled cold open sketch, Billy Porter's Saturday Night Live cameo brought serious energy to CNN's Equality Town Hall. On Thursday, CNN aired a town hall forum in which Democratic presidential candidates discussed issues impacting the LGBTQIA+ community, as per the New York Times. For Saturday's opening bit, SNL spoofed the event, and Porter made a surprise appearance to announce the presidential candidates.

The Pose star offered funny introductions for each Democratic candidate, and each of the presidential hopefuls were played by celebs. From the SNL cast, Chris Redd played Cory Booker, while Colin Jost took on Pete Buttigieg. Kate McKinnon's appearance as Elizabeth Warren was a highlight of the sketch, and Porter had a special announcement for the Democratic frontrunner. "Warren-ing, Warren-ing," Porter said. "It's Elizabeth Warren!"

SNL cast members often impersonate political figures, but to capture the whole democratic field, the show brought a few more stars on board. Lin-Manuel Miranda made a cameo as former HUD secretary Julián Castro, which Porter announced by saying, "And now from the house of urban deliciousness, Julián Castro." Later, Woody Harrelson played Joe Biden, for whom Porter also had a quip. "Yes, yes yes, and now the the Delaware daddy whose only vice is the choo-choo train," Porter announced. "It's vice-president Biden, y'all!"

Porter's hilarious introductions made the political sketch even more entertaining, and they wrapped up an eventful week for the Tony-award winner. On Saturday, Porter confirmed his role in an adaptation of Cinderella from Sony, according to Deadline. During a Q&A session at the New Yorker Festival, the Pose star told the audience he was officially set to play the Fairy Godmother in the film, opposite Camila Cabello, who is starring as Cinderella.

During the New Yorker festival conversation, Porter also revealed he signed a book deal, as per the Hollywood Reporter. The Cinderella casting and book announcement round out a breakout year for the star. In September, Porter won an Emmy for Best Actor in a Drama for Pose, making history as the first openly gay man to receive the award, according to the New York Times.

In addition to breaking ground for his work on-screen, Porter also became a fashion innovator on the red carpet in 2019. Back in February, The Pose actor's tuxedo gown at the Oscar Awards was a show-stopper. Porter discussed the gown's political statement during a conversation with The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel Star Rachel Brosnahan, as per Variety. He said: "I know that there is activism inside of fashion. I'm an activist. I knew that that tuxedo gown at the Oscars would create a conversation surrounding what gender means, what all these rules we put on everybody in life."

Neilson Barnard/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

While 2019 was full of career-defining moments for Porter, the next year will be equally eventful. In January of 2020, Porter will star in Like A Boss alongside Tiffany Haddish, Rose Byrne, and Salma Hayek, as per Oprah Magazine. In June, FX renewed Pose for Season 3, with new episodes slated to premiere in June of 2020. And for fans who can't get enough of Porter's energetic presence, it seems possible future SNL cameos could be in the future as well.