Evan Bass Just Summed Up Rachel's 'Bachelorette' Season In One Spot-On Tweet

Kenny Suleimanagich/Bustle

It's been low on drama, but this season of The Bachelorette has one major thing going for it, and that's this season's star, Rachel Lindsay. And no matter what else the show could have done differently this year, no true fan of the show would want anyone different as the Bachelorette. Former contestant Evan Bass summed up this season of The Bachelorette perfectly in a single tweet: "Y'all realize how bad it's gonna suck for the next woman who follows Rachel as the next Bachelorette.. she's been so great." Evan should know a great Bachelorette when he sees one, as he's been on both The Bachelorette and Bachelor in Paradise, and he's totally right. Rachel is the perfect mix of practical, level-headed, and funny, and watching her start to fall in love with a few of these guys (the frontrunners are clearly Bryan and Peter, right?) has been delightful.

Less delightful is the show's slightly dull season. Every elimination was incredibly obvious, there was an over-reliance on the villainous Lee Garrett, and once again, most of the contenders have been clear from the start. But Evan is right, it will be almost impossible for another woman to walk the tightrope of being the Bachelorette in Rachel's shadow, especially since the show made the long-overdue stride towards diversity and cast a black woman for the first time.

Rachel's season still has a few episodes left, and the next season of The Bachelorette is a year away, but already, it's easy to miss her enjoyable presence on the show. Hopefully ABC's casting process can find another woman as wonderful as Rachel for next time — perhaps by making sure to cast their net far and wide when searching for the next group of women. The women on the next cycle of The Bachelor will have some very big shoes to fill.