This Astrology Lipstick Line Was Created By An Actual Psychic

by Kali Borovic

Your personality is written in the stars, and apparently so is your perfect lipstick shade. Bite Beauty teamed up with a psychic (yes, really) to create an Astrology Lipstick Collection. The limited edition shades will be launching during their corresponding moon month, so you'll have to wait if you want to collect them all. There are some clues of what to expect though.

Astrology is having a moment in the beauty world. There's the Spectrum Collection's Star Struck Brush Set and even semi-permanent freckle tattoos that spell out your star sign. But none of the launches have been quite like Bite Beauty's. The brand teamed up with a psychic to choose the perfect lipstick shade for all twelve zodiac signs.

First up is Aquarius. According to the press release, the shade is a reinvented classic. The modern berry color has a satin finish and is perfect for any season — not just winter. The packaging also has the astrology sign on it, just in case you forgot which shade is which sign.

The shade launched on Jan. 22, and is already sold out on the Sephora website. Bustle reached out to the brand to see if it will be restocked. Aquarius birthdays are from Jan. 20 to Feb. 18, so a restock better be quick.

Bite Beauty Astrology in Aquarius, $26, Sephora

This isn't just your average lipstick picked out of the stack though. Bite Beauty teamed up with a psychic to pick the perfect shade. According to the press release, Tara Green is a professional psychic astrologer tarot tea and lipstick reader. So quit whatever degree you're trying to pursue right now, because that one is way more fun. Green also leads workshops on the mystic arts specializing Goddess spirituality.

She worked with the brand to come up with the perfect shade for every single sign. While the brand isn't giving away what any of the other shades will be, they did say in the press release that "Aquarius gets an inventive take on a classic, Gemini gets a lipstick bullet that will make you do a double take, and Leo gets a bold, ambitious hue."

You might want to set an alarm for the starting date of your sign, because there's a good chance that it will sell out just as fast as Aquarius did. Each hue has the typical organic, all-natural Bite Beauty formula. The only difference is that the bullets are personalized with the sign.

Bite Beauty Astrology in Aquarius, $26, Sephora

According to the press release, "Aquarius is an air sign ruled by the planet Uranus" and is the "sign of inventors, pioneers, radicals — unique individuals who like to disrupt the status quo." So no classic lipstick would do. The brand chose a berry shade that stands in while is taken seriously all at the same time.

Of course, there's no saying that you have to fall in love with the shade of your sign. Anyone can stock up on the month-to-month shades. Each one costs $26 though, which makes the entire collection a whopping $312. There's no word on whether or not they will be bundled at the end of the year.

Fingers cross that this one comes back for a restock, because this is a must-have for all Aquarians.