Blue Prosecco Is A Thing

Summer time, and the living's easy, especially with warm weather, good friends, and a cool drink. It's time to get a jump on sampling summer go-to beverages, because today is National Beverage Day, and Blumond blue prosecco tastes like summer, and sun, and best of all — it's blue. Personally, prosecco is my go-to elixir every time of year, but there is something about summer that makes this smooth, sparkling libation even more refreshing.

If you're stuck in the city this summer, you can still feel like you're at the beach with this mix of sparkling wine, blue curaçao, and peach. Blumond blue prosecco, which is currently taking America by storm, is made by Italian company Fratelli Saraceni, which describes it as "a velvety and seductive sparkling wine that is deliciously fruity."

OK, you had me at velvety and seductive; hang on while I order some Blumond blue prosecco from their website; and shipping is free for orders $99 and up, bonus! You can also get it at wine stores around the country, or other online wine outlets. OK, now that that's out of the way, here's what the winemakers are saying about their epic summer drink.

"We wanted to create something very special, excellent [and] unique that has not been created before, changing the color to a vibrant blue and making the champagne sweeter and easier to drink... and that’s exactly what Blumond is," Fratelli Saraceni explained on its website.

While the wine business is ever-evolving, and millennials are leading the charge in wine's evolution, old-school wine connoisseurs aren't all that happy with blue prosecco. "Wladimiro Gobbo, a member of Italy’s Sommelier Association dubbed Blumond 'an insult to our wine tradition,'" in an interview with The Drink Business.

But, that isn't deterring the company from giving its young audience what they want. "Anglo-Saxon drinkers are more open to innovation and particular twists than Italians — they like to experiment,” Matteo Saraceni of Fratelli Saraceni told The Drink Business, who reports that the company has already released a day-glow orange drink dubbed Volare, which blends Pinot Grigio and pink grapefruit, and Mario, a sparkling limoncello made with prosecco and Sicilian lemons.

Blumond blue prosecco is lighting up the internet, proving that old traditions aren't getting in the way of most everyone seeking out this bubbly blue beverage, which is perfect for most any summer activity, especially a good old girls' night out. And, since today is National Beverage Day, it's the perfect time to sample this baby blue drink the color of the Mediterranean sea (and Elisabeth Moss's eyes).

If this past winter has left you feeling a little blue, flip the script by chasing your blues away, and toasting summer with this new twist on an old favorite that proves blue is the new black. #LiveInBlue