It's Time To Say Goodbye To 'Bones'


On March 28, after 12 seasons, Bones will end on Fox. The David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel-led show, which was the longest-running crime drama in Fox's history, will end on Tuesday with a farewell episode directed by Boreanaz, and I don't blame you if you need to take a moment to pull yourself together. It's always depressing when we reach the end of an era.

In a recent interview with Entertainment Weekly, Deschanel discussed the difficulty of filming a series finale, and teased what fans should expect from the show's final hour. “It’s dramatic, it’s exciting, it’s heartfelt,” she said. “It goes to the core of the characters and who they are, and I think it wraps up a lot of different story lines. I think it did a great job, and I was satisfied with it.”

Bones may be leaving our screens for good, but the good news is that there are plenty of other television dramas out there that pack as much of a punch as Bones has for 12 years. If you're a lover of the show who's sad to see it go, do yourself a favor and cope with your loss by watching or catching up on a few (or all) of these fan favorites that are sure to fill that space in your heart.


Currently in its 14th season, NCIS follows a team of naval crime investigators based in Washington, D.C. The show definitely flies under the radar, having never won an Emmy, but it's worth noting that it's still one of the most popular programs on primetime right now.

'Grey's Anatomy'

So it's not exactly a crime drama, but it is a medical drama with enough blood, medical jargon, and sexual tension to keep you occupied. The show is currently on its 13th season, which means that, if you're not a fan by now, you've got a lot of catching up to do — and it'll totally be worth it.

'Criminal Minds'

CBS's long-running murder mystery series focuses more on the criminal — hence, the name Criminal Minds — than the crime itself. Still, it's definitely worth the watch.

'Law & Order: Special Victims Unit'

SVU is known for being the best of the Law and Order franchise, and one of the longest-running dramas on television, which makes it not too far off from Bones. The friendship between Olivia Benson and her former partner Elliot Stabler is reminiscent of the chemistry between Bones and Agent Booth.

There's no replacing Bones completely, but happy viewing guys. These shows will at least help fill the void.