Bruna Malucelli's New Two-Pieces Are So Chic

by Alexa Tucker

If you're still on the lookout for a swimsuit to pretty much live in this summer, a few new cool, classic options just might help you make up your mind. Brazilian swimwear brand Bruna Malucelli's new two-piece swimsuits are minimalist with a fun touch, so you'll want to wear it nonstop.

The brand made headlines last year with their custom one-pieces, because there's no better way to express yourself at the beach or pool than having your name on the front of a ~bespoke~ swimsuit. Now, the range has been expanded to include some fabulous new bikinis you'll fall in love with.

The bikinis feature patterns inspired by nature, like lavender, lilies, cotton puffs, lemons, and flower-like pom poms. The styles are simple and streamlined, including strapless bandeaus and scoop-neck tops.

One thing they all have in common? They're all meant for everyone. Bruna Malucelli makes it clear in their new campaign that there's no such thing as a "bikini body," and the pieces are meant to help women feel confident in their own skin. And, for an industry that often showcases bikinis on a very specific, fit body type, it's great to see size diversity in the line (both in the main campaign images and in the actual sizes). Most of the actual product images still show straight-sized women, which is a tad disappointing, but it's great to see a swimwear brand acknowledge that bikinis aren't just for one body type.

Here's a look at five standout two-pieces from the new line. Fair warning, you'll probably want them all.

1. Juliana Two-Piece in Daisy

Juliana Two-Piece in Daisy, $239, Bruna Malucelli

Simple white daisies pop on a black background.

2. Marina Two-Piece in Lemon Drop

Marina Two-Piece in Lemon Drop, $249, Bruna Malucelli

The lemon print keeps things zesty on a stylish strapless bandeau top.

3. Juliana Two-Piece in Pom Pom

Juliana Two-Piece in Pom Pom, $239, Bruna Malucelli

The pom poms add dimension to this simple style.

4. Marina Two-Piece in Cotton Puff

Marina Two-Piece in Cotton Puff, $239, Bruna Malucelli

If full-on florals aren't your thing, cotton puffs make a feminine statement without going overboard.

5. Bianca Two-Piece in Lily

Bianca Two-Piece in Lily, $249, Bruna Malucelli

Toss on a pair of high-waisted shorts and you've got a breezy summer uniform.