Gwen Stefani's Reaction To Brie Larson & Samuel L. Jackson’s "Just A Girl" Cover Is Priceless

Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson’s episode of Carpool Karaoke: The Series was an absolute joy, and we’re not the only ones who think so. Gwen Stefani gave her seal of approval to Brie Larson and Samuel L. Jackson's “Just A Girl" cover, proving that Captain Marvel and Nick Fury can really do no wrong. Originally released in 1995 by Stefani's band No Doubt, "Just A Girl" was truly an anthem of the '90s, which just so happens to be when Captain Marvel takes place, making it the perfect track for this duo. And, needless to say, they killed it.

The No Doubt lead singer shared a clip of the actors’ passionate cover on Twitter Sunday, March 17. "This is just ridiculously amazing," Stefani wrote. And her praise didn't go unnoticed. Larson liked Stefani's tweet, which means these blondes have some serious mutual respect going on, at least on Twitter.

In the video clip, Larson gave her all to the '90s punk anthem for teen girls (and boys), with her snarling facial expressions and intense stares into the camera oddly reminiscent of Stefani's performing style. Jackson also got into the song as well, but he had to keep his eye on the road as he was sitting in the drivers seat, and as a result, he couldn't really match Larson’s dedication.

The duo’s choice to take on Stefani’s self-written hit was probably wasn't just due to any apparent fandom of the perennially cool superstar. Spoiler alert for Captain Marvel — the song also happens to soundtrack one of Captain Marvel’s pivotal scenes. “Just A Girl” starts playing as the superhero engages in an epic fight against the Kree Starforce, after she finds out that they had been suppressing her memories of the past six years, resulting in the film’s climactic battle. It’s a fierce and punchy fight sequence that perfectly captures how Carol Danvers became the superhero she was destined to be. And "Just A Girl" gives the fight scene the extra punch of girl power it deserves. However, the song almost didn't make the cut. During a recent episode of the Empire Film Podcast, co-director Anna Boden revealed that she and co-director Ryan Fleck almost didn’t use the song in the film.

“That is actually one of the places in the movie where we tried about three thousand different songs before we arrived at 'Just A Girl,’ which is hilarious because 'Just A Girl' is the most obvious choice,” Boden said, as reported by W Magazine. “We put it in and there's something cheeky and little bit of fun about it. People were really into it and kind of fell in love with it there.”

“Just A Girl” was a very fitting choice for the scene considering the song’s powerful feminist message that still resonates today and the fact that Captain Marvel is Marvel Studios' first female superhero-led film. With this iconic '90s track, Stefani showed women everywhere that they shouldn't be bound by society's expectations of them, and now in 2018, Larson's character is proving that once again.