Britain's Most Haunted Prison Will Be Holding Night Tours This Halloween

by Aoife Hanna
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The creepy season is approaching. That time of year where it's spooky this, scary that, and OMG how do we make this ghost costume cute? Well guys, it may seem a bit early, but you really ought begin booking things up if you want your Halloween to be truly spooktacular. These things sell out quick! Real talk. And speaking of spooktacular, the most haunted prison in the UK is holding night tours this October, and it sounds scary beyond belief.

Oy vey, what a thought! For most people, the thought of going into a haunted prison at night would be preposterous. Anyhow, forget about them, they're boring. This is about freaks like us, who would relish the opportunity to visit Britain's most haunted prison, Shepton Mallet, under the cover of darkness.

The historical jail, which is located in Somerset, has housed many well-known criminals including the likes of Ronnie and Reggie Kray. The infamous gangster twins were held there after World War II for absconding from national service. It was in Shepton Mallet that they met fellow gangster Charlie Richardson.

So the event is being put on by Bump In The Night, which is a company that arranges all kinds of creepy events. Which would imply that they're about to have a fairly busy October, right?

On their website, they describe Shepton Mallet as having been the home to thousands of convicts since it opened its doors way back in 1610. It was horrifically overcrowded, with men, women, and children were packed into cells. Hygiene was not the best and these poor, starving people were afflicted not only by the fetid surroundings but also by small pox, which was rife at the time.

To add to the creepiness, the resting place of unnamed former inmates lie in graves throughout the grounds.

As well as all of this horror, executions took place there. Meaning there were a whole bunch of agonising and terrible deaths in this place. During the war, it became an army prison and several soldiers were put to death there.

It has long been said that Shepton Mallet is known for things going bump in the night. Pretty 52 reports that some staff shared their own creepy AF experiences, including one who said:

"I wasn't convinced it would be that scary before my first one but that has definitely changed now. I've seen and heard all sorts including shadows when nobody is around, doors slamming shut and footsteps only to see nobody there."

Not for the faint hearted, the tour includes Oiuja boards, a guided tour around the location, ghost hunting, vigils in the dark, experiments (including seances and glass divination), and your chance to explore this haunted location alone during the night. Oh, and free hot drinks. So that's nice.

The event is sure to sell out quick. At the time of writing, there's only 11 spots left. So click here for more information on dates, times, and to book your place for this truly terrifying experience.

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