Britney Spears Is The Face Of A Major Fashion Brand & It Will Remind You Of Her Candie's Days

Kevin Winter/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

This singer might be exclusively in Los Vegas now, but she's back to show you that she's still the master of campaigns. Britney Spears is the star of Kenzo's new campaign, and it will remind you of all the early '00s Britney that know know and love. The images feature Spears in the way she is burned into your memory — in head-to-toe denim and crop tops. Get ready for a time warp, because you're going to think it's 2001 all over again.

There's no better person to star in a nostalgic campaign than the queen of nostalgia herself. Spears is now the face and ambassador of La Collection Momento for Spring 2018 — a tribute to the debut of Kenzo Jeans in 1986, according to Vogue.

The campaign shows Spears like you haven't seen her in years — 17 years to be exact. The singer rocks three different outfits for the feature; an all-denim outfits, a bubblegum pink patterned two-piece, and a baseball cap and crop top. All of which are similar styles to the ones that she's rocked in the early '00s. Think her Candie's and Pepsi ad days.

“This collection is very youthful,” Spears said in the Vogue interview. “We had fun on set, even though it was a bit weird for me at first. I am used to shooting in a studio or a small space, and this was on the street. We were out there and I had really promiscuous clothes on, which felt odd, but, of course, on film it turned out to be really cool.”

As a 36-year-old mother of two, it's been a while since you've seen Spears like this. Although she takes over the stage at her live shows in extravagant outfits, the singer tells Vogue that the bold patterns and prints is a lot different than her at-home nightgowns that she mostly wears from day to day.

“It’s tricky because as a mother, you don’t take as much risk with your style,” Spears told Vogue. “I think when I was younger I took so many risks and really went for it. There was no planning what I wore, and it was like, okay, I am just going to put on the most outrageous thing. I think as a mother you hold back from that out of fear of embarrassing your kids and out of respect for them.”

It's funny to think that someone who was known for making a statement with her snake print and constantly changing self style would ever not dress like that. Maybe her kids see will change their minds about the embarrassment factor when they see how she's rocking the throwback trends in the campaign.

As far as the Kenzo Collection goes, the items will cost you a little more than just the $19 CD that you used to splurge on. Each piece in the Spears-featured line ranges from $160 to $270. You can shop the line of micro-backpacks, fanny-packs, and crop top sweatshirts on the Kenzo website right now. It won't get you signature Britney style, but it will make you look just as cool as she looks in the campaign.

If you can believe it, Spears is actually a little envious of younger generations and how fluidly they bounce around from style to style. She told Vogue that, although she stepped out of her current style box in the campaign, she doesn't think she'd be able to do that today.

“There is something very courageous about the younger generation just wearing whatever they want all the time, but I don’t know if I could do it at this point," the singer told Vogue. "I think I would go and hide under a rug or something, because I’ve been dressing a certain way the past 15 years and I wouldn’t know how to react to a big change.”

Spears will always be an icon for her incredible style, but this ad proves that she's not stopping anytime soon.