These Brother Vellies Socks Have A Waitlist Of "Thousands Of People"

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With home being the center of most people’s lives these days, you might be feeling inclined to spruce up your personal space with some new decor. Enter Brother Vellies, an online shopping destination built on celebrating traditional African design practices and techniques. It’s quickly become a go-to source for luxury shoes and accessories from countries all over the world, many of which you’ll have a tough time finding anywhere else.

Now, the brand is taking that philosophy and applying it to artisanal home goods. Beginning today, Brother Vellies is launching a monthly subscription program called “Something Special,” where you can score a bundle of expertly curated items — including mugs, cloud socks, and puzzles — all of which are ethically made by artisans in the Brother Vellies community.

“I created Brother Vellies with the intention of comforting and sharing the work of certain communities,” said Aurora James, the brand’s creative director. “Over the past five years, my communities have grown and expanded exponentially, but my mission remains the same. The thing that has brought me the most joy during this time has been making special items from our artisan community to be enjoyed by our Brother Vellies community, while at home.”

One such item is what James called her “beloved Mexican mug,” which has quickly become a popular commodity among her fans and followers.

Courtesy Brother Vellies

“I never dreamed I would be making and selling them to a waitlist of thousands of people,” James shared. “At present, we can only make 5-10 mugs a day. It’s a process filled with love, care, and local sustainable sourcing. Which made me think: What is luxury if not that? Luxury can no longer be represented by a price point, it must only be represented by process.”

To sign up for the $35/month membership, visit the Brother Vellies website, where you can also get a sense for what to expect in your first member shipment (think ceramic vases handcrafted by Mexican artisans or hand-poured candles from New York). According to the brand, the “Something Special” program will remain in effect for at least the next six months, and members will receive their items by the 15th of each month.

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